Super Promotion Course Spray Embroidery Sculpture 2020 1

Super Promotion Course Spray Embroidery Sculpture 2020


  • You want to follow the profession of professional embroidery sculpture?
  • You want to quickly improve skills to serve customer needs during Tet?
  • You want to find a professional sculpture training embroidery address to be proficient and can open the shop as soon as the end of the course?

👉👉👉 Please inbox Miss Miss Tram Academy to sign up for the course and receive special offers.


Super Promotion Course Spray Embroidery Sculpture 2020 2

* When students sign up for an eyebrow - eyelid - lip - embroidery embroidery course: they will be able to choose one of three gifts:

1️⃣ Natural eyelash extension with value of VND 8,000,000.

2️⃣ Bonus 7,000,000 VND when registering for the Basic Skin Care course.

3️⃣ Bonus VND 5,000,000 when enrolling in a Korean Nourishing Slimming Course.

Time application: December 15, 2019 - January 15, 2020

What will you get when registering for the course?

  • International-class quality embroidery sculpting course.
  • Learn knowledge and experience from a team of skilled, experienced teaching staff.
  • Study materials and equipment are provided for the course.
  • Graduates are skilled, can work immediately.
  • Attend workshops of leading experts of the world.
  • Attending the course Secret recipes for beauty industry.
  • Support consulting open Spa, beauty facilities completely free.
  • Study time is selected flexibly.
  • Trainees are supported to practice on real samples.
  • Exclusive: receive Miss Tram Academy's online learning account with hundreds of beauty courses updated continuously.

Aesthetic embroidery sculpting is:

  • Trendy beauty job
  • Good income and can achieve much success in career.
  • Can own yourself.

Many practitioners of Miss Tram Academy have completed the course and opened their own shop, or have a job at a large beauty salon with a stable income (terrible income).

When you are hesitant, your friends have found a new job with a higher income.

Quickly register to receive the offer right away. Our hotline 1900 7018 ready to advise and answer your questions!

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