Notes When Applying Fruit Mask For Skin 1

Notes When Applying Fruit Mask For Skin

Notes When Applying Fruit Mask For Skin

Using fruit as a skincare mask is not too strange in the beauty process of women. However, after applying a fruit mask, some people have beautiful skin but there are also people who have acne or problems. So the reason is? This is usually because during the masking process, you made one or more mistakes. To prevent this situation from happening, let's Miss Tram Academy Refer to a note when applying the fruit mask below.

1. Determine skin type

Although many fruits are suitable for all skin types, there are also many fruits that only suit a certain skin type. Determining your skin type: oily skin, dry skin, combination skin or oily skin, ... will help you choose the right fruit to mask.

Note when applying fruit masks
Need To Determine The Right Skin Type Before Beauty And Care

So how to know if your skin is suitable for that fruit or not? Very simple. Before using the mask on the entire face, try testing on a small area of skin to see if there is irritation, rash or not. If so, it proves that this fruit is not for your skin. And get rid of your beauty list right away.

2. Don't apply fruit masks too often

Many people often think that masking the fruit is good for the skin, so every day you wear a mask. However, this concept is completely wrong. You should only apply the mask 2-3 times a week, do not use too often. Because the mask is applied too often will make the skin susceptible to allergies as well as making the young epidermis on the skin lose its inherent resistance. Your skin will now become weaker against the effects of the outside environment or your cosmetic layer.

3. Changing too many fruits to make a mask

You should not change too many fruits to make masks, especially for acne skin. Because changing too often will cause the skin to become acidic, from which the skin will become thinner and weaker.

properly mask fruit
Choose The Right Fruit Mask You Should Not Change Too Many Types

4. Finished mask must be used immediately

Types of homemade masks, especially fruit masks need to be used immediately after processing. Because if left for long, the mask will lose the inherent Vitamins and may be oxidized, contaminated, degenerated, dangerous for your skin.

In addition, when choosing fruits to make a mask, you need to choose fresh ingredients to ensure the quality of the mask.

5. Do not cover too thin or too thick

Using fruit as a mask will give you a headache to watch so that the mask applied on the face is just enough, neither too thin nor too thick.

A thin layer of mask will dry out very quickly without the skin penetrating the mask's nutrients. Meanwhile, the mask is too thick will clog pores, leading to acne.

How to mask fruit to effectively
How To Make A Carot Mask How Standard

Applying a sufficient layer of mask will cause the temperature on the surface of the skin to increase to help blood circulation, making the nutrient permeation and diffusion components better and faster.

6. Do not apply the mask for too long

You think that a short time will make the skin not absorb all the nutrients in it, so many people have a very long face time, some leave overnight while sleeping. However, the best time for face masks in general, and fruit masks in particular should only be within a period of 30 minutes. Particularly with a strawberry mask should only cover in the period of 10 - 15p, because the strawberry has quite strong bleaching properties.

When the face time is too long, the layer of the mask dries out moisture from the skin to the outside, thereby making the skin drier and counteracting the real effect of the mask.

7. Wash the face before and after applying the mask

Cleaning the skin is a very important step in the mask process. Before proceeding with the mask, you need to wash your face as well as exfoliate the skin. This helps the skin to unclog pores, thereby better penetrating the nutrients in the mask. When the skin is not hygienically clean, the layer of dirt, cosmetics remaining in the pores is the cause of acne.

Notes When Applying Fruit Mask For Skin 2
Should I Wear Fruit Masks Regularly?

After covering the mask, in addition to rinsing with warm water, rinse with cold water to both clean the skin and help tighten pores.

Although a fruit mask is considered to be very safe, it does not cause serious harm to the skin. However, there will still be bad effects for the skin if you make the aforementioned mistakes. With this share of Miss Tram AcademyWish you have a beautiful skin.

Note, especially you should need to know, clearly identify what kind of skin you are, so when choosing fruits that suit your skin type to mask, it will be much better. Because in the composition of the fruit, if you do not know what your skin is, it is very likely to be allergic, irritant, irritant, greasy and harmful because you do not know, do not know your skin type.

Because there are actually many types of skin types such as: DRNT SKIN TYPE, OSPW SKIN, DRNW SKIN, DRPT SKIN, DRPW SKIN, DSNT SKIN, DSNW SKIN, DSPT SKIN, DSPW SKIN, TYPE ORNT SKIN, ORNW SKIN, ORPT SKIN, ORPW SKIN, OSNT SKIN, OSPT SKIN, etc. And specific to each of these skin types, everyone can refer here.

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