New Makeup Style In The Fall - Winter Dior Collection 1

New Makeup Style In The Fall - Winter Dior Collection

Dior with full name is Christian Dior SA, is one of the famous luxury brands from France. Dior is present in all fields such as fashion for men, women, children, perfumes or cosmetics, etc. And just like other brands, Dior launches new collections every season.

In the launching program of Autumn and Winter Fashion Collection, in addition to the beautifully designed outfits, you might also be attracted to the new but impressive makeup style of the performing model.

New Makeup Style In The Fall - Winter Dior Collection

With a graphic-inspired makeup style, Dior's Creative and Image Director Peter Philips brought to the audience an elegant but still personality-filled performance with rock-styled eyes. mainstream.

“I was inspired by the rebellious style of the Teddy girls in England in the late 1950s, their pioneering style of London. The result is a graphic makeup style with dark Rock style eyes mixed with punk inspiration. ” Peter Philips shares ideas for makeup styles in his Dior Autumn-Winter 2019 collection.

To emphasize the style of rock and graphics in makeup, Peter Philips focused primarily on the eyes with bold lines on the natural skin of each person and lips are gently colored.

New Makeup Style In The Fall - Winter Dior Collection 2

1. Eyes

New Makeup Style In The Fall - Winter Dior Collection 3

With the eyes as the main focus of the entire face and also the main highlight, Peter Philips designed a new face with bold rock and graphics with the upper eyelid completely covered in black. In the lower eyelid, he drew lines, short and evenly spaced to create a "starburst" effect for the model's eyes.

The rough, unadorned brushstrokes created a special attraction. Eyelashes are brushed and naturally curled to highlight more unique black eyes. Eyebrows also retain the inherent naturalness of each person when reshaping the eyebrows shape without painting more.

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2. Skin

New Makeup Style In The Fall - Winter Dior Collection 4

The skin of the model was retained by him in accordance with the natural skin tone without trying to use many layers of products to help enhance skin tone. He simply uses a base layer that matches the skin tone of each person. Then use concealer for a few minor imperfections on the face and finish with a thin coating to brighten the face on stage.

3. Lips

New makeup style

To help prepare lips best, Peter Philips used a 2-in-1 combination lip balm that both exfoliates and exfoliates. Then, use gentle tones that complete the lips to look natural and plump.

With just the basic makeup steps, Peter Philip has created a new makeup style for the Dior Collection Fall / Winter 2019 and once again shows the master level of Peter Philips. By retaining the most natural features and focusing only on the eyes, this is enough to leave a strong impression on the viewers.

With this style of makeup, we have somewhat seen the trend of makeup in late 2019 and early 2020. Experts said that in the following years, the skin is natural, smooth and pure. will be a strong makeup trend not only on the catwalk but also applied in life.

Besides, there are strong accents on the eyes, such as creating bold lines, using striking colors or graphics with bold graphics. A natural eyebrow that does not paint well or plump lips is also one of the particularly prominent trends this year.

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New makeup style

Every time famous brands launch a new collection, we not only admire unique works of art but also somewhat predict what trends will thrive in the near future. . And this is also an opportunity to learn more new makeup styles. Maybe you can find yourself a suitable makeup style and create a new look for those around you.

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