Before and After Sculpture Results Combination Ombre Eyebrow For Guests 1

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Before: The visitor's eyebrows have small heads and few strands, and the tail of the eyebrows hang down making the face a bit sad.

After: Get advice from #TeamMissTram with the beauty method by combining the two methods of Scraping natural fibers and Spraying Ombre tail part. 

The sculpt will give each soft, clear eyebrows intertwined with the old eyebrows to keep the natural look, and the technique of spraying Ombre on the tail will help the eyebrows look "west" a lot more. 

Along Miss Tram take a closer look at the image of the eyebrow of this guest!

Before And After The Sculpture Results Combine Ombre Eyebrow For Guests 2Before And After The Sculpture Result Combining Ombre Eyebrows For Guests 3 Before and After Sculpture Results Combing Ombre Eyebrow For Guests 4

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