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The Best Treatment And Melasma Treatment For Customers


Melasma is one of the most serious problems on the skin, and the complex treatment and time of effectiveness are also longer. However, the core problem when receiving these cases is how we identify the situation, advising appropriate treatments for our customers.

Melasma and basic knowledge need to be grasped

When the melanin pigment increases the normal accumulation in the base of the epidermis and the mesoderm, it will cause a lot of yellow, brown or dark brown spots on the skin. This is called melasma - one of the most unpleasant for women.

In fact, melanin is not completely bad, it even takes on the role of safe protection for skin from the effects of high temperature, UV rays, chemicals, ... helps skin become stronger and more supple. . However, if the mechanism of melanin production is disturbed, excessive growth is likely to cause darkening of the skin, forming large or small burnt areas.

Most often the burnt skin will focus on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead. And melasma is mainly caused by hormonal disorders (most common in women who are pregnant, give birth or premenopausal), affected by environmental agents. In some cases, we can melasma if eating unhealthy, using poor quality cosmetics and genetic effects.

Melasma is divided into the main type of 3 as follows:

  • Melasma of spots, also known as deep melasma with the expression of dark pigmentation spots, with legs deep into the bottom of the epidermis. Note that this is the most difficult to treat.
  • Melasma with lighter pigmentation, eating melasma to lighten the outer skin layer. This type of treatment is easy and quick.
  • Mixed burnt, is the simultaneous combination of the two.

Here, Miss Tram Academy wants to note you when advising guests to identify the status of the guests, advise them to understand the mechanism of forming melasma. At the same time, when making treatment plans, we must also understand that the treatment of melasma is to reconcile the areas of accumulation of melanin rather than completely eliminate them. The methods of action aim to balance pigmentation, make the skin evenly colored, become brighter.

How should melasma be treated and treated?

When receiving the client for melasma, you need to do well the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the skin

It is necessary to examine the skin to check that the client is experiencing any melasma and collect information about the customer, in particular: if the pig has been burned for a long time, does it use any cosmetics, has given birth, ... These information will help you evaluate the cause of pigmentation on the client's skin.

Note, if guests have ever treated melasma with medicine or laser, be careful, to avoid irritation problems that make the condition worse.

Step 2: Consult the course for guests

After clearly identifying your skin condition, you will advise your clients to understand what to do, how long to treat and with what technology, ...

Currently in the Spa industry - aesthetics, the problems related to melasma are done quickly, safely and most effectively. However, there are also cases of building up algae or specialized pharmaceuticals that will bring about satisfactory results. The medications mainly nourish skin cells, blurring pigmentation to return the original bright look to the skin.

Step 3: Conduct the appropriate course

After consulting and guests agree with the treatment course, we will proceed. If you use a specialized cream, try it on a small area of ​​the client's skin (try about 30 days). If irritation occurs, discontinue and switch to another type. And the type of melasma is appropriate to use cream or algae as the type of burnt by the environment (much sunshine).

Treating people with hormonal melasma is best to use lasers with frequency of burst and blinking. Depending on the situation, the number of executions may vary.

During the treatment process, customers who have deep pigmentation should supplement the oral medication to increase efficiency. We can specify guests to use Oreful, Collagen ZO or Xuan Hong.

In some cases, the skin is too thin, the method of raising stem cells must be applied to help the skin health to apply treatment with specialized cream or laser.

In parallel with treatment at the Spa, you should note that guests have a reasonable skin care, drink enough water, supplement vitamin-rich foods and absolutely apply sunscreen, protect the skin thoroughly when going out.

Some of the above shares of Miss Tram Academy hope to provide more useful experience for you. To fully understand the skills and knowledge of skin care and treatment, quickly register attractive courses at Miss Tram Academy.

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