How to Deal with Lips Mist Spray: Damaged, Intensive, Dry, Colorless 1

How to Deal with Errors When Spraying Lips: Damaged, Intensive, Dry, Colorless

Tips for Error Handling When Spraying Lips: Damaged, Bruised, Dry, Uneven, Colorless

Dry lips:

  • The force goes too fast, unevenly
  • When mixing ink, give too much white
  • Treatment: After 60 days, apply 1 layer of lip gloss again. Spiral spray to avoid damage to the lips, creating a natural shine

 Lips that don't penetrate become bruised:

  • Going not technically correct
  • Going too fast
  • Needle too deep, strong hands
  • Go straight, don't spiral
  • Treatment: After 30 days, the miles turn orange or red orange. Go right technically and lightly

 Irregular lip color, patchy spots, spot where not:

  • Mix the ink evenly
  • Handling intensive irregularities
  • The force is irregular, the depth is shallow
  • Treatment: miles of colorless places

 Bruised lips border:

  • Cheating in too much
  • Going too hard on the lip edge
  • Treatment: Use the color to treat dark lips to erase the dark lips

Lips colorless:

  • The force is irregular, too light or too strong
  • Attach needle upside down
  • Ink color is not good
  • Treatment: after 60 days, color back to customers

Treatment of intensive lips:

Use baby pink color to handle bruises, if the lips are small, spray about 2 layers, if the lips are bruised, only spray at the edges. Then spray the lips evenly as usual.

*Note: If the lips are heavy, spray 3-4 layers of baby, then spray until color up with Orange Red. After 2 months back to color.

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  • Install the base nozzle in your lips to be longer than the lip border
  • Spray a short needle at the first turn
  • Spray lips in a spiral way, creating a smooth and juicy lips
  • Lips spray more base
  • Spray the lower lip color more than the upper lip 2-3 turns
  • Thick lips: should spray the contour in the lips, making the lips thinner and smaller
  • Thin lips: spray the outer lip, making lips thicker
  • Do not spray on the skin to avoid smudging


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