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Effective Beauty Formula With Activated Carbon


Surely you are not too strange to hear about using activated carbon in beauty. Activated carbon is like a magnet to clean up all dirt, excess oil exists in the pores, helping the skin to be clear and smooth skin. But did you know how to use it effectively? And Miss Tram Academy Discover immediately the beauty treatments with activated carbon below.

Effective Beauty Formula With Activated Carbon

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is a raw material produced from carbon-based materials such as coconut fiber, rice husk, wood, and resin through a process of high temperature drying (drying) in anaerobic conditions. The structure of activated carbon consists of small volume pores, so they have high porosity, wide contact surface and extremely good absorption. Therefore, they are good at removing heavy metals, chemicals, dirt and toxins. Activated carbon is widely used in life, family such as air purification, water purification, deodorizing, ...

In beauty, people mainly use activated bamboo charcoal, because they are very clean and benign, suitable for all skin types.

The effective beauty formula with activated carbon

1. Use activated carbon to wash your face

Use activated carbon to wash your face

Mix activated carbon with any cleanser or dilute it with physiological saline (activated carbon concentration from 5 - 10%) and use it for daily cleansing. This is the optimal facial cleansing formula for your skin, especially acne skin.

With this facial cleanser, your skin will be deeply cleaned thanks to activated carbon particles that vacuum away dirt and excess oil from your pores. Since then effectively prevent the formation of acne bran, blackheads for smooth skin.

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2. Activated charcoal mask for skin care

Use activated carbon as a skin mask


  • 1 teaspoon of activated carbon powder
  • 1 spoon of oatmeal or rice bran
  • 1 spoon of sugarless yogurt


Mix the mixture well together. Apply the mask on the skin and wait for about 800 minutes. Then wash gently with water. It is recommended to apply this mask formula from 15 - 1 once per week, you will see the skin becomes smooth, bright pink as well as clean blackheads.

3. Activated charcoal mask for acne treatment


  • 1 powder spoon of activated carbon
  • 1 aloe vera gel spoon
  • 1 spoon of rose water
  • 5 drops of tea tree oil
  • 1 low salt


Mix the mixture evenly into a paste. Use a brush to brush up on acne-prone skin. Wait for about 8 minutes and wash gently with clean water. With the ability to absorb dirt, sebum, bacteria in acne spots combined with the ability to reduce inflammation, antibacterial of aloe and tea tree oil, the red bumps will quickly be removed, Give your skin a smooth look.

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4. Making activated carbon toothpaste

Brushing teeth with activated carbon for bright white teeth


  • Activated carbon powder
  • Sea salt
  • Coconut oil
  • Peppermint essential oil or flavor you love


Mix the mixture of activated carbon powder and sea salt in a small jar with equal proportions. Heat coconut oil and put in a mixture of activated carbon powder and well-mixed coconut oil, followed by an essential oil with an aroma. You already have a mixture of activated carbon toothpaste for bright white teeth.

Activated carbon not only has the ability to absorb dirt and toxins but is also known for its superior teeth whitening ability. Combined with sea salt with antibacterial ability, protect the outer enamel, make teeth strong.

Using this mixture regularly, you will find your teeth white suddenly. However, there is a small note for you, that after a period of brushing your teeth with activated carbon, you will see your teeth black, at the same time just rinse your mouth with physiological saline, the stain That black will be removed immediately.

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5. Exfoliating activated carbon

Exfoliating effectively with activated carbon


  • Shea butter, also known as shea butter
  • Castor oil
  • Chestnut oil
  • Gentle, odorless shower gel (baby shower gel can be used)
  • Activated carbon powder
  • Sand sugar (brown sugar)
  • Essential oil with optional scent


Melt shea butter and mix it together with castor oil, chestnut oil and shower gel, wait for the mixture to cool down, add the essential oil with the favorite smell and stir well again. In another bowl, mix the sugar and activated carbon powder slowly, then slowly pour the mixture into the oil bowl you had earlier. Add the mixture to clean plastic or glass. So, you get the exfoliating mixture from activated carbon, using from 2 - 3 times for smooth skin, bright white.

6. Make mascara nourishing activated carbon


  • Activated carbon powder
  • Coconut oil
  • Aloe gel
  • Beeswax


Put the ingredients in coconut oil, aloe vera gel and beeswax into a clean cup, simmer the water with low heat for the mixture to melt completely. Then add activated carbon powder to the mixture, mix well for all ingredients to dissolve completely together. Use a small nylon bag containing the mixture, cut the small hole and carefully pour into the empty mascara tube. So you have a mixture of activated charcoal. Use regularly every day, after 2 weeks, you will see the results, eyelashes will be much longer and thicker.

Above are some beauty recipes with activated carbon, wish you success.

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