The Most Important Point Of Technology Ombre Eyebrow Powder Coating

The Most Important Point Of Technology Ombre Eyebrow Powder Coating

Recently Miss Tram has received a lot of sharing from students (from Miss Tram Academy or not) of practice related to the Ombre Touch technique so today the students of Miss Tram and all those who have experience with Technique This technique to learn together.

Beautiful Ombre eyebrows are eyebrows that are uniform in color, dark on the tail and faded toward the head. The evenness is very important to create a beautiful Ombre eyebrows, and a key point most when doing this type of student Miss Tram Miss Miss are reminded again and again, practice is repeated practice FORCE OF HAND.

The force of uneven hands will lead to you flaking off when there is a "spotted dog" phenomenon, the clumps are not very beautiful. So please practice a lot, lots of hands to be fluent.

And if you have a dark, light spot, how to fix it? Where do we deal with it from?, ... #TeammayOmbre Let's say it together 

✳️ Wishing everyone a good study!


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