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Article Processing Mask Whitening Moisturizing pregnant women

Modify the skin whitening mask for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the body's hormones have a lot of changes leading to a noticeable effect on skin texture. However, pregnant mothers can still apply natural skin care and care formulas to help nourish healthy skin cells. So what are the mask formulas that are really suitable and safe for mothers to vote? Let's find out with Miss Tram Academy.

Should pregnant mother have a skin mask?

The answer is yes, because this is necessary to provide essential nutrients, help skin cells become healthier. The reason we should care about the skin because during pregnancy, the hormonal woman has many changes, not only the physiological and psychological effects but the skin is no longer the same as before. It is easy to see that pregnant women keep their skin's "form" very little, and most pregnant women must experience problems such as darkening skin, freckles or ugly pimples.

Skin problems can make pregnant women lose confidence, more or less disturbing psychology. Therefore, beauty care for the skin right from the beginning is extremely necessary. However, before applying any type of mask to the pregnant mother, you must pay great attention to safety factors, because at this stage is very sensitive. The care and white skin care for pregnant women should only use raw materials from natural ingredients to ensure a benign effect even though it is a bit long.

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The pregnant mother can still apply white nourishing masks from nature

So which pregnant woman should mask the white skin?

The formula of natural skin whitening mask is very much, but most suitable for pregnant women must include ingredients such as honey, yogurt, cucumber, potatoes, seaweed, ... These ingredients will be available. Different combinations with certain ingredients and quantities.

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Here are some effective mask recipes that you can save to apply to your pregnant mother:

Skin whitening mask for pregnant women from potatoes and fresh milk

Potatoes and fresh milk (without sugar) are rich in nutrients, vitamins that help nourish the skin from deep inside, increase collagen synthesis to combat problems such as darkening, wrinkles on the skin.

This recipe is extremely easy to make with soft boiled potatoes and little fresh milk without sugar. After smoothing out the potato, mix it with fresh milk to make it smooth. Apply this mixture evenly to the skin and leave it in the mouth for about 30 minutes then rinse.

Note, you should choose clean potatoes and use the mask right after the preparation is finished. The preservation mask in the refrigerator will cause loss of nutrients, reducing the inherent use. In addition, this mask feature will quickly dry, form a hard outer layer, so if you stay too long when cleaning it will be difficult and may even cause skin pain.

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Mask for skin whitening for pregnant women from cucumbers

Cucumber fruit contains a lot of protein; B vitamins; vitamin C group; Rich minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, ... will help to nourish the skin naturally and safely. When combined with honey and yogurt, the effect will be increased without worrying about the health of your pregnant mother or fetus.

When preparing this mask, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • 1 young cucumber fruit (choose organic melon not grown with medicinal fertilizer)
  • 1 honey teaspoon
  • 1 yogurt without sugar

Grind the cucumber puree, mix it with the remaining ingredients and smooth it over your skin. This mask should remain on the skin for about XNXX - 15 minutes after gently massaging with circular movements.

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Mask for white skin care for pregnant women from pumpkin, honey and yogurt

Pumpkin contains a lot of fiber, vitamin A and group C will help nourish deeply, provide necessary moisture and smooth skin, prevent common skin problems during pregnancy. And of course, honey skin care and yogurt are no doubt. This will be one of the formula for whitening skin care for pregnant women.

If you want to prepare this mask, prepare steamed pumpkin (about 2 tablespoons); 1 / 2 pure honey coffee spoon and 1 / 2 sugarless yogurt coffee spoon.

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These materials, after being mixed together, will create a smooth, fine, fragrant mixture. After the mother elected to wash her face, apply the mixture to the skin and save about 25 - 30 minutes. According to many people, the pumpkin mask finished skin will be softer and brighter.

Whichever mask formula you apply, you need to carefully consider the skin condition for the pregnant woman and make sure to clean the skin before applying the mask to better absorb the nutrients. The process of preparing and covering masks also need to pay attention to hygiene to avoid infecting the skin, and massage gently, to help pregnant mother relax with the most relaxed spirit.

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