Before And After Performing Eyelid Surgery For Women

Photos Before And After Performing Open Lids For Women

Many women want to spray their eyelids to beautify their "Windows of the soul" but are concerned about the effects on their eyes. However, you can be completely assured because the eyelid-opening spray is a micro embroidery technique that only affects the epidermis of the skin without affecting the eyes or eyesight.

Through years of beauty experience, Miss Tram recommends the following cases to conduct eyelid spraying to have beautiful, sparkling eyes:

  • People with short, small eyes want bigger eyes
  • People with unclear eyelids
  • The eyelids are short, thin and pale
  • People want to have sharper eyelids

Just like this guest, with the desire to refresh and attract her eyes, she came to Miss Tram.

The result after finishing, her eyes become sharper with clear ink lines, super smooth, looks very natural. She also admired the skillful hands of the experts at Miss Tram. Thank you very much!

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