Before And After Old Eyebrow Processing, Sculpting Combined With Superfine Powder Spraying

Photos Before And After Results Of Old Eyebrow Processing, Sculpture Combined With Powder

Before: Before coming to Miss Tram, the guest possessed a beautiful eyes, but her eyebrows that were previously sprayed were much older and faded. So, she came to Miss Tram with the desire to handle the old eyebrow and find a new method for her eyebrows.

After: After receiving #TeamMissTram Consulting, she has chosen the method of beautifying her eyebrows: Scraping the first part combined with ultra-fine powdered spraying on the tail and redrawing the curved eyebrow in the golden ratio to match the face.

The result of beautiful dreamlike eyebrows makes you very satisfied. Thank you for trusting and choosing Miss Tram!

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