Notes In Managing Cleansing Services For Clients In Spa 1

Note In Managing Cleanser Services For Clients In Spa

Currently, not only women but also men choose skin care treatments at spa and beauty salon to have a smooth, youthful skin. And this is also the opportunity of thousands of spas and beauty salons offering diverse skin care packages every day for customers to choose.

If you are a manager of a spa or beauty salon, you are quick and experienced in making good products and services that receive the most support from customers, which is quite easy. But if you do not have experience because new to the job, please refer to this article of Miss Tram offline. This article is about requirements to help you manage skin care for guests safely and effectively.

Note In Managing Cleanser Services For Clients In Spa, Beauty Salon

1. Requirements for technicians

Technicians are the ones who directly perform skin care procedures for guests, so they need to meet the basic requirements of both knowledge and skills. How to provide both quality services and bring satisfaction to customers.

  • Requirements for workmanship

caution when managing skin care services for customers


Workmanship is the first important thing that every technician needs. Because in skin care procedures, technicians must use their hands to perform the steps from facial hygiene, exfoliating to massage with nutrients, ... A good technician just perform the right techniques for each stage while providing guests with comfort, relaxation and skin care effect.

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  • Requirements for professional knowledge

In addition to skill requirements, professional knowledge is also essential. Maybe for a technician, in-depth knowledge of the skin, how to treat skin diseases is not necessary. However, the technician also needs to understand the basic knowledge of skin care, how to distinguish the symptoms on the skin, ... to be able to listen, answer customer questions and give at the same time. Useful tips for guests.

Notes In Managing Cleansing Services For Clients In Spa 2

  • Safety and hygiene requirements

Safety and hygiene is a special concern of every technician and spa. Just one of the skin care steps is not guaranteed can cause serious problems, affecting the skin of the guest and the reputation of the spa.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the hygiene of tools, utensils and utensils used for customers. Each technician also needs to keep clean, in addition to uniform, neat hair, before and after each skin care performed for customers, they need to wash their hands clean with antibacterial soap.

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2. Proper skin care process

In addition to the requirements of a spa technician, the facility needs to ensure compliance skin care process for each customer. This will help bring the best effect, to customers own beautiful, smooth skin after each implementation. Since then improve the reputation, attract more people to the spa.

  • Visit, check the skin of guests

Notes In Managing Cleansing Services For Clients In Spa 3

The skin examination and examination step is the first and especially important step that spas often overlook for customers who come and choose facial treatments. With this step, you can visit the situation of the guests' skin, how to take care of the day, are there any ingredients that need attention or allergies?

In order to give specific advice to customers as well as to use appropriate skin care products. With just a few short conversations, you can gain the trust and sympathy of the customers for you, while helping the skin care step to be more effective.

  • Offer a specific skin care routine

Notes In Managing Cleansing Services For Clients In Spa 4

Although customers choose skin care services, but after going through the skin examination and examination, can you know if your client's skin is having any problems? Thereby offering a specific skin care routine and advising customers to follow it.

  • Follow safe, effective skin care steps

After the consultation step, invite the customer to the bed for the technician to perform the facial care steps, and notify the technician responsible for the note as well as the skin characteristics of the guest to choose. suitable products.

During the process of implementation need to ensure safety and hygiene as well as performing proper techniques appropriate skin. For example, for acne-prone skin: do not perform massage, it can make acne spread and more serious, at this time the technician should only gently clean the face clean and perform a suitable mask step. well suited.

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  • Ask for ideas, customer comments

Notes In Managing Cleansing Services For Clients In Spa 5

After completing the skin care steps, the staff can ask for the opinions and feelings of customers after using the service to help the spa become more and more complete. At the same time, instructing customers how to care for their skin in accordance with the current skin condition, things to pay attention to beautiful and smooth skin.

So Miss Tram Academy has shared with you how to care for customers' face safely and effectively. Hopefully, this article will help you find a facial skin care process that suits your business situation, which in turn will help you gain high appreciation from your customers.

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