Tips to Differentiate Which Cream is Mixing 1

Tips to Differentiate Which Creams Are Mixed

Ice cream mix is currently a painful issue of the beauty industry. The harmful effects that mixing cream surely brings to all women are heard. However, many women do not know how to distinguish between safe and mixed creams. It is not until the skin is severely damaged that a series of complications are realized.

So, giving yourself tips on how to distinguish blended cream products will help you choose safe skin care products. Especially spa facilities, skin care for customers, the need to pay more attention to this issue.

Differentiated Tips Simple Ice Cream Products

Here are some basic discriminatory tips that you can refer to:

1. Special treatment quickly

Most of today's mixed ice cream products are advertised with quick special treatment. It only takes 2-3 days to completely eliminate acne, dark spots, dark spots, ... This is something genuine cosmetic brands worldwide have not done. And if there really is a product that can do this without leaving any side effects, how can those cosmetic brands last for decades?

So, any cosmetic company that offers advertising will help special treatment quickly in a short time, even immediately after the first use, it is sure to 90% that is mixed cream.

How to identify ice cream products

In addition to relying on advertising, you can check for yourself if you suspect that the product is a blending cream by testing directly on the skin. Apply the product on a small area of the wrist or the problematic area and observe it. If after 2-3 days, the skin becomes white, the problem is completely removed. However, after only 2 days of not applying the cream, the area becomes dry, flaky and pimples. So that product is mixed cream.

2. Based on the color of the cream

If the products of genuine brands are produced, they will go through many different stages of filtering with high technology, so they can eliminate most of the original colors, so the colors of genuine products look at. mostly opaque or colorless. As for mixing creams, the manufacturing process is very sketchy, even just the manual mixing steps, so the finished product is often opaque, uneven, unnatural and often darker than genuine products.

Tips to distinguish correct cream products No. 1

Some common colors of mixing ice cream are:

  • Light yellow, saffron
  • Pale pink, yellow rose, pink rose, white rose
  • Slightly cloudy color, piggy

Currently mixed cream cosmetic brands are also much more advanced, they use more modern production technologies, creating products with a smoother cream, however, you can see that the colors of the That product doesn't look natural at all.

3. Rely on scents

Tips to Differentiate Which Cream is Mixing 2

Scent that one of the ways to identify quite accurately today. Because genuine cosmetic brands are aiming for the safest skin care for sensitive skin, almost all products are minimized with fragrance, preservatives. Therefore, genuine products will have a faint aroma of ingredients that make or not smell.

However, with the characteristics that want to bring the most real feeling to the user, the mixed cream products have a very strong aroma. Even some of the products you smell will smell slightly sour.

4. Based on packaging

The packaging of genuine products feels solid, designed, manufactured exquisitely but elegantly, gently or elegantly. As for products that are mixed ice cream, you will see the packaging is the type of shell are sold on the market rampant. The box is designed to be sophisticated but flashy and showy.

Tips to Differentiate Which Cream is Mixing 3

Even some cosmetics firms now also elaborate packaging with full company name, brand, production address, even affixed stamps, warranty labels, anti-counterfeiting stamps of the Ministry of Public Security. (but all are fake). Get women quickly into a deep pit and believe that these are quality products.

In addition to the above characteristics, for products that are mixed ice cream, you will see some other common common characteristics, such as:

  • Be the hotgirl, model headlining advertising. However, they are only the recipients of money and advertising, introduction, but not necessarily know the origin, its components or if used, they also have not realized the unpredictable harm behind.
  • Recruiting CTV, agents headlining and often: A common denominator of companies selling ice cream products is the regular recruitment of wholesalers and retailers of CTV and agents nationwide. This is something that genuine cosmetic brands hardly do.
  • Currently, ice cream mixing companies are much more sophisticated, they can create products that completely deceive consumers with impressive advertising and introductory tactics. So, sisters who are consumers should be very smart as well as research carefully before making decisions about whether or not to use a product.
  • For women who are also working in the spa industry, choose safe and quality products for customers. Because only when you work with the heart of the profession, the desire to bring the best, will the trust, support of customers and future development.

Advice: Choose the products of famous cosmetic brands on the market today and buy at the genuine stores, sales addresses that you really know that they sell genuine products. Because counterfeit goods are also a concern at present. And if you want to use natural skin care products, you should find out, consult many sources, many places to make sure they provide safe products for skin.

With some tips to help identify which product is an ice cream mix Miss Tram Academy Given above hope to help you choose for themselves the quality and safe skin care products. Above are the basic distinguishing tips, Miss Tram Academy does not dare guarantee 100% that will help you distinguish correctly, however, based on which you can somewhat avoid the unfortunate harms to the skin mine.

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