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Enriched with Spa Jobs - Good Truths for Advertising

Surely once you have the desire to learn and stick with the spa career at least once to hear or see the article about the ability to get rich quick as well as life with this spa career. However, is it true or is it just a promotional game of training centers to attract students?

Enriched with Spa Jobs - Good Truths for Advertising

1. Quick learning process

If the university path takes time from 3 - 4 to the year of graduation, only with a spa course from 4 - 6 month, you can have the same knowledge and skills basic to be able to work at large, reputable beauty centers and facilities.

Get rich with the spa profession

Thus, shortening learning time helps you save time and increase your time to work, thereby increasing your income. After the period of 1 - 2 in the year you enter the profession, your level will be increased, then your income level will increase significantly.

2. The demand for beauty today is huge

Beauty has always been a great need of mankind ever. If the old days came spa Beauty care, relaxation only for the upper class, today, this need has grown and spread to all classes. Regardless of the male or female, regardless of age, are able to choose the appropriate beauty care services for themselves.

+ Because Why Should I Go to Professional Spa Courses

Accompanying it is the frantic development of aesthetic facilities and centers. Every year there are nearly 2000 beauty facilities opened, requiring huge manpower needs. So, this is one of the professions that provide very high job opportunities for everyone.

3. What is the actual income of the spa profession?

As the above analysis shows, the opportunity to work in the spa industry is very high and this is a great opportunity for everyone. So what is the actual income of this job? This depends on the following basic factors:

  • The scale where you apply for work: In fact, the larger the scale of beauty and beauty care facilities, centers, the higher the basic salary for employees. And of course higher than other small establishments.
  • Your work capacity: Working capacity is also the deciding factor for your basic salary.
  • New job: The basic salary for those who are new to the profession will fall in the range of 4,5 - 6 million. After working time of 30 months or 30 years, the basic salary will be increased depending on the development ability of each specialist, but can be from VND 800 - VND 200 million.

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  • For those of you with solid skills, Being able to implement new technologies well will be an advantage: You will have the right to agree with the facility that wants to hire you a high hard wage; or you are welcomed by major estates and beauty centers and offer a generous salary. At this time, basic salary can be at 12 - 15 million.
  • In addition to the basic salary you receive, a cosmetologist There is also a percentage of commission according to the amount of work you can do, is about the technician's main income. The percentage of this commission will depend on different work bases.
  • For skilled professionals, there is more pedagogy to teach well The basic salary for teaching assistants and lecturers for them can be over VND 200 million.

Thus, the total income of a beauty specialist who has just entered the profession until proficient and professional can ranging from 8 million to VND28 million (Salary is currently surveyed at the present time), not to mention about their own policy rewards at work.

The income level and the factors affecting the income level that Miss Tram analyzed above only mention the case that you are a working expert for cosmetic facilities and centers, not to mention your case open own business.

+ Infusion Tattoo, Embroidery, Cosmetic Sculpture

Some notes for you:

  • To be able to achieve the same level of income that Miss Tram shares, you must be the one who has attended training courses at prestigious training centers. Where quality of workmanship can be ensured after the end of the course.
  • If you want to increase your income by opening your own business, in addition to securing solid skills, in-depth knowledge of the spa, you need to have knowledge of spa management, law knowledge as well as market demand, ... to ensure the spa's operations go well and bring about profits.

With that information Miss Tram Academy Share above, according to you, getting rich with a spa career is the truth or advertising game. You've probably got your own answer. However, Miss Tram still wants to note to you that, to get rich with a certain profession, in addition to professional knowledge, what you really need is the passion, the love and the mind to work, it is these elements that will help you grow in the field you pursue.

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