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Note The Case Customers Are Not Sprayed Cosmetic Tattoos

Where customers can not spray cosmetic tattoo? Embroidery, aesthetic sculpting of eyes, eyebrows, lips are considered beauty methods that have been chosen by many women in recent years. Because these beauty techniques can improve facial contours very effectively, long-lasting without causing pain or costly as cosmetic surgery. 

However, for some customers, cosmetic tattoo spray can seriously affect the health and affect the reputation of your tattoo establishment. Therefore, you need to know which cases are not allowed to spray tattoos to ensure the safest for customers. Check out the following article Miss Tram Academy To understand more about the case should not spray tattoo offline.

Note The Case Customers Are Not Sprayed Cosmetic Tattoos

1. Pregnant and lactating women

Pay Attention to Cases Customers Are Not Sprayed Cosmetic Salon 2

Ink components often contain heavy metals and colorings chemicals (Especially lead and mercury). Although the content is very small, but with the sensitive body of pregnant and lactating mothers, the risk to their health is still very high.

In addition, the bodies of mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding are often very weak and vulnerable. If you perform a tattoo spray, the ability to recover and color up beautiful standards will be greatly affected.

Therefore, whether you are confident using high quality ink or organic ink, you should not receive pregnant customers and mothers who have had babies under 6 months old.

2. Customers are in the period of chemotherapy or radiation treatment

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Customers who are receiving chemotherapy or radiation usually have health, resistance and low red blood cell count. If tattooing is performed at this stage, the skin restoration and coloring process will be more difficult, leading to unsatisfactory tattoo results. Even for customers with severe anemia, the risk of getting a tattoo injection area infection is also very high.

Therefore, cosmetic tattooing in cases being treated with chemicals, radiation therapy is not and should not be.

3. Clients with haemophilia

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Hemophilia is a disease with prolonged bleeding and very difficult to stop bleeding. If customers have this disease, the tattooing process will become difficult and create more damage on the skin. In addition, the process of regeneration, recovery and coloring also takes a lot of time, increasing the risk of skin infections as well as scarring.

Therefore, for patients with haemophilia or coagulopathy, you should not receive tattoo spray.

4. Customers with uncontrolled diabetes

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For customers with diabetes, you need to determine the patient's disease level. For customers with low glycemic index, stability and no complications, it is still possible to perform cosmetic tattoo spray.

As for the case of customers with uncontrolled diabetes, high glycemic index, it is best not to receive tattoo spray. The cause is:

  • The tattooing process will increase the glycemic index, making the procedure painful and lengthy.
  • A high glycemic index also makes recovery and regeneration process more difficult, wounds heal longer and increase the risk of skin infections.

Therefore, in cases of customers with diabetes, you need to determine the level of disease, give clear advice about the risks that can occur to help customers decide whether to perform tattoo spray or not. .

5. Dermatological clients in the tattoo area

In case customers are not allowed to spray tattoos

Customers who are suffering from dermatological diseases in the tattooing area, you should not receive. Because these skin areas are very sensitive, have the ability to react very strongly to the effects of the tattooing process, causing skin irritation and increasing the risk of infection, forming deep scars on the skin.

Therefore, please advise customers to thoroughly treat the current skin condition before performing tattoo spray to ensure the safest and most aesthetic for the face.

6. New scar client under 6 months in tattoo area

Although the techniques of tattoo spray, sculpture can cover scars in a very aesthetic way. But for customers with scars less than 6 months old at the tattooing area, you should not receive. Because these skin areas are often unstable, vulnerable to needle walking and do not clearly shape the color of ink jet. 

Therefore, for customers with new scars, please advise customers how to take care of their skin thoroughly at home, after a stable scar will conduct tattooing to bring the best results.

7. Customers often use stimulants

In case customers are not allowed to spray tattoos

Stimulants make the blood circulation process unstable, negatively affecting the process of tattooing and sculpture, such as: 

  • Difficulty in blood clotting, causing skin damage, irregular needle lines.
  • The recovery process is slow and increases your risk of infection.
  • The ink color is uneven, pale and easy to become patchy, unsightly.

Therefore, for customers who want a tattoo, make sure customers do not use alcohol or stimulants for 1 week to get the perfect tattoo results.

In particular, for cases where customers are under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, it is best not to receive. Because the process of tattoo spraying can cause skin irritation, severe pain and the results are not satisfactory.

To ensure a smooth tattooing process, the results are always perfect, you need to carefully examine each customer case. This not only ensures the health and safety of customers but also protects the reputation of your beauty salon. Therefore, do not skip this important step.

Hope the share of Miss Tram Academy would be helpful to you. Good luck!

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