Common mistakes in new eyelid spray and how to fix it 1

Common mistakes in new eyelid spray and how to fix them

Just like tattoo spray, lip sculpting, this kind of beauty with eyelids can sometimes be hard to avoid. So Common mistakes in eyelid spray What is, how to overcome. The following article Miss Tram Academy will discuss with you on this topic.

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Spray eyelids and common mistakes

Eyelid spray is a way of using ink to create sharp contours for the eyelids. To do this, experts must use a tool with a tiny needle tip, which goes in meticulous strokes on the eyelid area to put ink. This specialized ink will change the pigmentation of the eyelids, helping the eyelids to have a clearer and more prominent highlight.

Eyelid spray is an alternative to eyelid interstitial makeup which is both time-consuming and inefficient. Spraying the eyelids will help you own beautiful, sparkling eyes. Currently, there are many types of eyelid spraying on the market, such as: natural eyelid spray, water eyelid spray (tail eyelid spray), fish-eye eyelid spray, open-eyelid spray, ... Each technique will bring Beauty customers with different styles. You can do as required or advise customers to choose the type of spray that suits the face best.

Common mistakes in eyelid spray and how to fix them
Common mistakes in eyelid spray and how to fix them


Like eyebrow spray, when spraying the eyelids if not experienced, we are prone to the following errors:

Error blushing eyelid
Error blushing eyelid

The eyelid was smudged

This error is often due to the unstable hands of the KTV, hitting too fast causing the ink to spread out. To handle you can use 1064 YAG Laser to erase immediately with the lowest energy fired on the smudged part. In case your facility does not have a dedicated eraser, ask customers to come back after 1 month to spray skin color on the smudged part.

Eyelid contour not sharp

If you go too fast, the needle is deep and not definitive, the eyelid contour loses its elegance and feels uneven. For this case, we also need to use a dedicated laser machine to remove the ink, or spray the skin color on the ink.

The eyelids are stained with ink

Error eyelid stagnant ink
Error eyelid stagnant ink

The technician walks with uneven force, pressing the deep needle tip will make the ink color uneven, stagnant on the eyelid contour. At this time, the only way to handle it is to erase it with a laser and then spray it with new eyelids.

Some cautions when spraying guests

When spraying eyelids on guests, you must first conduct successful anesthesia. Thus, the implementation process will minimize pain for guests, helping us spray easier and more effectively.

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In addition to this note, the eyelid injection technique should pay attention to the following principles:

  • First, align the angle of the rear injector so that the tip is perpendicular to the skin surface. At the same time, the posture of holding the device must be steady.
  • Second, the needle walking force is steady and gentle. The eyelid spray does not go as fast as the eyebrow spray, and the line must be definitive, avoiding going back and forth so many times to damage the eyelids.
  • Thirdly, when the needle tip is sprayed, it is about 1mm long, but the depth of needle to the skin is about 0.03mm-0.04mm. Keeping this distance will help reduce eyelid tearing and blood flow as well as prevent the error of standing ink on eyelids.

Above are some Errors may occur when eyelid spraying and effective remedies. Miss Tram Academy Hope these notes will provide more useful experience, help you more confident with the job.

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