How To Prepare The Right Eyebrow Ink In Each Case 1

How To Make Eyebrow Ink In Standard Case In Each Case

Miss Tram student review | How To Prepare Eyebrow Ink In Accuracy In Each Case

How To Prepare The Right Eyebrow Ink In Each Case 2

Now, the whole family review the color blending so smoothly to prepare eyebrows for the eyebrows of the guests.

1. Basic colors:

Medium brown, dark brown, moss brown, black, skin-colored, yellow-brown, black-brown, brownish-brown, gray-brown, neutral color to treat light red or light green eyebrows ...

2. How to mix ink colors:

▪️ For whites who like brown a lot - Spray natural brown: 4 drops of HS - 1 (dark brown) + 2 Sienna Suede (brownish brown)

▪️ For whites who prefer little brown, light color - Spray brownish gray: 2 Sienna Suede + 2 Dark Brown (brownish brown)

▪️ For dark, dark-skinned people use dark brown: 4 drops HS-1

▪️ Common brown color: Medium Brown HS-1

▪️ Dark gray: 1 Gray + 1 Dark Brown (suitable for European customers)

▪️ Chocolate brown: 1 Caramel chocolate (suitable for whites who prefer brownish yellow, dyed light hair)
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