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Top 5 The Hottest Beauty Jobs Today

Choosing what career, what to do later is one of the questions that many young people are most interested in. This is a problem not only for high school students but also for those who are "struggling" with their current jobs. However, with the development of living needs, there are many professions for us to choose and test.

In particular, beauty is one of the most desirable careers today. Because the demand for beauty care is increasing but the quality of human resources is seriously lacking. So, in beauty careers, which vocational training should you choose? And Miss Tram Academy Find out the top 5 hottest beauty jobs today.

The list of 5 hottest beauty careers today is widely attended.

1. Intensive skin care specialist

Skincare skincare hottest beauty this year


After a period of flourishing in the plastic surgery industry, the trend of "beauty but must be natural" has become more and more interested in beauty. In particular, with the situation of environmental pollution and fine dust today, skin problems are appearing more and more. This led to the rapid development of intensive skin care and treatment services and technology of skin beauty with technology.

Therefore, the skin care industry is very likely to develop in the future. If you are a beauty person, prefer technology to beauty, this is one of the professions that best suits you.

2. Spraying embroidery, aesthetic sculpture

Learn about spraying, tattooing and sculpting

Embroidery spraying and sculpture sculpting are among the hottest professions in recent years. Although not a new industry, but with the increasing number of customers today, this beauty industry is still considered to thrive in the future.

Studying cosmetic tattoo spray includes many techniques such as spraying, embroidery, sculpture for the lips, eyelids, and eyebrows. Compared to other beauty jobs, cosmetic tattoo spray has more time to study, tuition as well as "difficulty". And to become a professional tattooing technician, learners also need to be persistent and constantly learning and practicing skills.

However, career opportunities, income levels and future development direction of this industry are very high. In addition to a stable salary, you can also advance at work, open your own spa or study intensively to become a lecturer, etc.So for those who love beauty and high meticulousness, This is an ideal choice.

3. Make-up job

where to learn makeup quality in hcm

Makeup is a long-standing profession. But with the development of life needs and today's technology era, makeup school gives us a lot of development and application opportunities in the future. In particular, in addition to the professional makeup career, many makeup learners have a direction to do youtuber, review cosmetics or combine business models with photography studios, etc.

Although this profession does not take much time to learn as well as tuition, but it requires students to have dexterity, passion, aesthetic eye and always perseverance and meticulous. Therefore, for those of you who are passionate about beauty, this is also an industry that is worth serious and experienced.

4. Eyelash extensions

Should I be apprenticed or not?

Surely many people will be surprised when eyelash extensions are considered a hot profession. The reason is that there are many “eyelash extensions” in the market but there is a shortage of high quality human resources, while the customer base is still growing.

In addition, prestigious beauty centers also often require professional eyelash extensions, who have all the qualifications, knowledge and the most modern eyelash extension techniques, to ensure a good quality of service. .

Therefore, although apprentice apprenticeship is not difficult, does not take much time and costs to learn, but to ensure the best learning quality, to grasp the most modern eyelash extensions techniques, you need to choose a training center. create reputation.

5. Occupation of massage therapy

Learn about massage therapists

In this modern life, the development of quality of life is always accompanied by a lot of pressure and chaos. This leads to an increasing demand for relaxing massage and therapies and a growing opportunity for therapeutic massage occupations in the future.

Different from traditional massage, modern therapeutic massage has many types: stone massage, herbal massage, reflexology massage, Japanese massage, Thai massage, etc. And if you want to become a professional massage therapist, You need to attend intensive training centers for training and best practices.

In particular, this therapeutic massage profession has many development directions in the future, such as becoming a massage therapist at the Spa, opening a massage service at home, or studying in depth to become a training instructor, ... if you Passionate about this profession.

Beauty has gradually become a professional industry, bringing high income and many development directions in the future. Therefore, if you are a lover of beauty, have meticulous and serious with the profession, the above trades are the ideal choice for you.

For those who have not determined what major they should study, you can contact Miss Tram Academy. Each of our courses has an entrance test to determine the personality, ability and interests of each student, thereby helping students identify themselves best suited to the profession.

Hope the above share of Miss Tram Academy would be helpful to you. Wishing you every success on your chosen path!


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