Attendance Of Common Errors In Sculpting You 1

Attendance Of Common Faults In Sculpting You

Attendance Of Common Faults In Sculpting You

ERROR IN THE CARRIAGE, is not a new topic, but there are still many students and artists asking and answering with Miss Tram Academy on this topic.

Sculpture is the most advanced method available today to improve the weakness on the eyebrows. However, there are many cases where customers are not happy with the results. Why Customers do not like? What errors did the experts encounter? Here are some errors Miss Tram listed first for everyone to reference:

Attendance Of Common Errors In Sculpting You 2

1. Choose the shape of the eyebrow that does not match

There are many different face types and depending on each person's face, choose the appropriate eyebrow designs. That said, it's not that simple, right? Not every square member is right, square people are right,…

But this error is encountered in 03 typical cases:

▪️ In case of a newcomer, everyone has to meet, inexperienced in drawing many faces. This is a very normal thing for newbies, and calmly observing a lot of faces, thanks to so many friends and relatives who model to practice drawing eyebrows (Just choose the shape and draw only). Feel free to share your results to receive suggestions from teachers and colleagues in the industry.

▪️ The remaining case is Miss Tram realized when listening to people share questions, errors immediately meet the basic knowledge you are trained. To fix it, you bravely find standard documents to read, learn the teachers and brothers and sisters who have had experience in the profession to refine their own standard knowledge.

▪️ LAST PRACTICE. There are still many famous people who meet great teachers, good books, but think that much can be done immediately or something. Lazy practice, should try forever but still can not choose the right eyebrow shape for his guests. This case is real and many, not a joke. Anyone who has asked Miss Tram how to fix it, then please answer: There is NO OTHER WAY FOR YOU IF YOU DO NOT LOSE, LUCK.

2. Does not shape the shape of the eyebrow

Once you've chosen the right eyebrow shape, shaping that eyebrow style is also very important. If you go too light hand, or the path is not definitive, not sharp, the eyebrow frame will not be clear. And can make the eyebrows not harmonious. There is no other way, please PRACTICE - SHARE - LISTENING - PRACTICE AGAIN - SHARING - AND LISTENING - THEN PRACTICE ANYMORE - PRACTICE FOREVER.

3. Irregular eyebrows

A very important step in sculpting the eyebrow is the step in choosing the eyebrow color. In many cases after finishing, there is the phenomenon of eyebrow color, unclear, not sharp, or there are cases where the two eyebrows are not equal. The cause is usually due to:

  • Device technology is outdated.
  • Use poor quality ink.
  • Your skills are not high.

Roll attendance, everyone find a way to fix it.

4. Eyebrows are skewed

To sculpt beautiful eyebrows, depends on many factors, but the most important is still your workmanship. It requires ingenuity, meticulousness of the hand and good knowledge of the profession. The only workaround: PRACTICE - SHARING - LISTENING - PRACTICE AGAIN - SHARING - AND LISTENING - THEN Practicing ANYMORE - Practicing FOREVER

Miss Tram has just reviewed the 4 most common errors encountered in sculpting you. People refer and contribute their own cases to study offline.

Wishing everyone good study. And do not forget to send QUESTION - ANSWER Return to Miss Tram.

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