Attendance of Types of Acne Obtained For Customers 1

Attendance Of Types Of Acne Collected For Customers

Attendance Of Types Of Acne Collected For Customers

Attendance of Types of Acne That Are Taken For Customers 2

ACNE - One of the hardest ending stories for every girl.

Acne removal is one of the treatments that helps remove acne from the skin to apply laser or special treatment. Many people believe that taking acne causes skin damage. However, if the acne core is not removed, the skin will be scarred, so many customers go to the spa process instead of squeezing acne at home.

KTV must be knowledgeable about acne types, facial skin before conducting appropriate treatment, in this case, acne is taken as types of acne with inner nucleus: acne, acne, acne bran, acne under the skin

How to get the standard acne as follows:

  • Ensure clean hands, support tools before molding for the goods
  • For acne, use a needle to prick the acne spots with holes, then use your hands to squeeze out the acne and fluid.
  • Acne under the skin with hands stretching the acne skin until the color is different from normal skin, using a special needle to prick and squeeze out the acne.
  • Using the method of removing acne from quality masks to remove acne bran, do not use the method of squeezing for this acne.
  • Using a vacuum / squeeze machine to get the core of acne will be more effective.
  • Squeeze the acne and proceed with intensive skin care and depending on the situation to apply appropriate technology such as rays Green Laser / Blue Light, Oxygen Jet technology, Nanotechnology Skin, Bio Light technology...

With the above knowledge will help you have safe, effective and safe methods to get acne. Good luck!

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  • The Course of Tattooing, Embroidery, Aesthetic Sculpture (Eyebrow - Eyelid - Lip)
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  • Beauty Skin Care Course Professional Beauty Spa: Focus on acne, pitted scars and skin rejuvenation safely.
  • Basic Mi Advanced - Vocational Training Course.
  • Basic - Professional Skincare Spa Training Course
  • Professional Training Course For Advanced Tattoo Techniques.

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