Picture of Beautiful Lip Spray Results Practiced by Students 1

Photo Of Realistic Lips Spray Results Practiced By Students

| Student results | Photo Of Realistic Lips Spray Results Practiced By Students

Photo of Realistic Lips Spray Results by Students 2

Ms. Nhu Quynh, a trainee, after hard and serious lessons at Miss Tram was able to confidently perform the lip spray process for her customers.

By grasping the theoretical and practical knowledge with the close tutoring from the teacher of Miss Tram Academy, the lips of the guest after spraying, the color of the ball has become extremely smooth.

Let's Miss Tram look at customer images after being done by Ms Nhu Quynh!

Actual Images Of Beautiful Lip Spray Results By Students 3

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- The program of recruiting trainees for Aesthetic Embroidery Beauty Salon at: https://bit.ly/2JA5bSa
- Details of the courses at Miss Tram Academy at: https://bit.ly/2L99UzV

Please contact Miss Tram immediately for more advice on the study path and see if you are suitable for this career or not!

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