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Discover 9 Pinterest's Most Outstanding Eye Makeup Style


A little touch for the eyes will make your make up layer more perfect as well as make the face more attractive. And if you are tired of the old makeup style, want to learn as well as change the eye makeup style more strange, catch up the trend. Then the following article will be for you. Miss Tram Academy has synthesized the most outstanding eye makeup styles on Pinterest. Invite your reference.

For those who love personality and prominence

1. Fashionable pink

Korean girls love to use bright colors such as bright pink, coral and orange in their daily make up. You can easily see these colors in their makeup. In the past, they used mainly for lips and cheeks, and in this year, these vibrant colors will be used for the eyes. Create a new but still attractive and youthful look.

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2. Impressive color combination

This style of makeup is often seen mainly in cosplayers, besides it is also very popular among fashionable young girls in Tokyo. The style of makeup focused on puffiness initially is a development trend from Korea and then becomes popular in countries around the world including Japan. With makeup style using the outstanding colors and impressive color scheme, it helps the eyes have more depth and personality. After you've adorned your eyes, don't forget to use fake eyelashes to create more highlights.

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3. Sunset color

Eye makeup uses colors reminiscent of the twilight moments of the summer while creating a lively look for your eyes, while helping your eyes look very natural and still charming. For those who love nature

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4. Pink berry cute

Eye makeup with pink tones helps you look simple but still cute and attractive. This is considered a color tone used by most Korean and Japanese girls.

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5. Orange soil

Do you see the nuances of this orange when used on the eye look beautiful? Makeup in this style is very simple even if you are a beginner about makeup. All you need is an orange eyeshadow palette, a brown eyeliner pencil and mascara tree. So you can create beautiful works for yourself already.

6. Romantic colors

On romantic occasions, you can use delicate pink brown for your eyes. So you looked beautiful, romantic but still charming and attractive. For those who love glitter and glamor.

7. Yellow smoke

The trend of makeup smoky eyes is no longer prominent and popular today. However, if you want your eyes to look outstanding, this classic makeup style is also a style worth trying. Instead of using only a smoky gray tone, the combination of bronze-yellow tones creates a beautiful and attractive look. Many times do not follow the trend but choose the classic but appropriate makeup is still the best choice for you an impressive appearance.

8. The perfect blend

If you are a new ghost in makeup, do not try this style because it can turn you into a disaster. But if you are used to becoming proficient in eye makeup, this new style is worth checking out. Use colors of brown, gray, black and gold to create a perfect blend. Brings an especially impressive pair of eyes. For those who own double eyelids

9. Natural eye makeup

For those who own a double eyelid, makeup lessons according to those with double eyelid eyes will cause different results. In case you have double eyelids, use a black eyeliner with a brown eyeshadow palette to create a simple but effective combination that you should try.

How do you feel about makeup styles? Miss Tram Academy Introducing above? These are simple makeup styles, not too sophisticated to apply even for those who have just learned how to apply makeup. Miss Tram hopes to bring useful information. Can help you add new experiences and makeup styles to yourself. And do not hesitate to share with Miss Tram the results you achieved when applying the suggestions above.

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