Spa Learning Experience - How to Choose a Good Beauty Training Site? first

Spa Learning Experience - How to Choose a Good Beauty Training Site?

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At present, the demand for beauty services has increased sharply, leading to many places opening up vocational training programs. Many prices, many ways of advertising classes lead to you confused, do not know how to choose? If you choose not suitable, you will lose both money and time - "Money lost disability brought".

Here Miss Tram Academy (we will abbreviate for MTA to make it easier for you to read the article) experience in choosing a career & beauty spa quality for those interested in this profession to avoid risks as soon as they enter the profession:

1) Ask clearly about the requirements - the nature of the job:

Spa Learning Experience - How to Choose a Good Beauty Training Site? 2

The purpose of this is to see if you are suitable for the career you are about to choose.

For example, there are things that need one or more of the following:

  • Needs dexterity,
  • Very often exposed to chemicals that you may have a history of allergies to,
  • It takes a long time (many) hours,
  • Need to invest a lot of money to buy practicing equipment,
  • Requires focused silence.
  • Constantly talking, chatting with guests.
  • Requires constant going out (work from home, to take place)

Usually, at Prestige Training Centers will help you orient the career suitability level in the first time you come to counseling, learn content, training process as well as visit the classroom. Therefore, in addition to learning the course through the media, it is absolutely necessary to go directly to the facility for detailed advice.

What you need for the consultation is to listen to the directions, present all your concerns and questions, and share your direction. From there you will be answered the Spa career that you choose is right for you or not under the objective perspective of senior experts in the profession.

2) Inquire about money (Tuition, Fees incurred):

In addition to the training content, tuition is also something you must consider carefully to avoid "missed the javelin and then had to follow" or is "disability money”.

  • Tuition exactly how much?
  • Are there any fees during and after the course?
  • Need to buy any more machines or tools in the course?
  • Any arising during practice?

Spa Learning Experience - How to Choose a Good Beauty Training Site? 3

When you go directly to a facility to consult, there is a tip for you that is to consider “The seriousness of the counseling session”. With a reputable center, you will not only be able to answer the costs of your questions, but also clearly present all expenses that may arise during the training period.

Hopefully, you do not come directly to hear the general price quote because you can completely ask for the price of tuition over the phone. However, before you choose an apprenticeship, you must specify from the beginning that it will be a luggage, a turning point, a career that will follow us throughout life.

Therefore, you need to be really serious and dedicated to quality. In order to achieve these, in addition to tuition, there are other costs that will likely arise as suggested by MTA on. In particular, there is a very important issue that you need to keep in mind for the quality of your course.models for you to practice”.

  • You get to practice on real sample is not? - The real sample is on real people, and the fake one is on artificial leather, on manocanh).
  • Specifically you will be practicing on How many samples?
  • That model will by the course or you have to earn it yourself? (If you have to bring the sample yourself, consider it because even though your loved one will find it hard to convince you to make a model, you can't get one to do so.)
  • Do tools and equipment need to be purchased additionally when taking samples, how much will they cost? (Especially for the job of Spray Embroidery Sculpture Eyebrows - Eyelids - Lips, all the tools when done on real people must be completely specialized, in addition to ink is not just one or two bottles that you have to wear. If you buy enough equipment, you will be able to make successful results, if so, which devices must you buy or be provided by a training institution, and how much will it cost if you buy them?) and you have to add it all up to get the exact tuition you need to prepare.
  • Is there a teacher or a tutor during the modeling period? Do you need to pay the cost if you need your own tutor?

3) Ideas to know about studying time:

Spa Learning Experience - How to Choose a Good Beauty Training Site? 4

  • Accelerated quick learning mode and normal learning?
  • Is there a reservation when there is an unexpected event?
  • What if I can't keep up with the class?
  • Is it possible to re-study to supplement knowledge?

One thing for sure is if you enroll in training institutions "take the quantity”There will be no complementary training according to your individual ability.

And as MTA As mentioned above, once you have determined that this is a career that will stick with you, you need quality after the course. The quality training center will design your class schedule according to your class schedule as well as your scheduled time for the course, so that you will easily assess your ability and master all the contents. schedule of their own. And learn to where you will be on the model there to feel the best job (Learning with practice).

Normally, each Student will have a period of time to receive Course reservation If there are special reasons and then will come back to continue because if you have not completed the standard curriculum will also greatly affect the reputation of the training institution after you graduate.

For short, intensive training courses schedule Your will be quite special because most of the content will be simulated in real life and leaning to the secret to be able to practice on people as fast as possible without losing quality.

At the same time, although the course has finished, usually quality training centers will give each student the following course materials, Online Support Accounts or return to supplementary training after that. master.

* P / S: IN MTA, the students after the course are all VIP account, have the right to learn online UNLIMITED than 500 internal courses (how to manage employees, how to talk - take care of customers, makeup courses - tattoo spray - nail - skin care, ...) - help develop comprehensive skills for students after the course.

4) About location (place of study - exam - diploma):

  • Where to study (because there is a student enrollment in one place but study in many other places - renting a classroom)?
  • Is there accommodation support (for remote students)?
  • Are the testing sites and degree sites different from the study sites?

5) Regarding the real value of a degree upon graduation:

  • Is it valid for legal practice (legal certification)?
  • Which organization recognizes it? (Because some places only issue certificates of recognition of that place, absolutely not recognized as certification - legal vocational qualifications).
  • How long is the diploma / certificate valid for?

Currently, many beauty training centers are introducing to their registrants that after receiving their education, they will receive a vocational qualification certificate due to Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs good grant General Department of Vocational Training grant. However, this is completely incorrect.

In fact, the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs only monitors and manages facilities that are eligible for teaching and granting primary vocational certificates and do not participate in the certification and the representative for new training institutions are competent to grant primary vocational certificates. This has been clearly stated in Clause 1, Article 20 of Decree 139/2006 / ND-CP of the Government: Detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Education Law and the Labor Code on vocational training.

Therefore, in order to avoid the fact that you do not receive a valid official certificate to register for a business license, you should check the certificate template that the training institution will give you. after the course and check to be legally valid or not?

6) What is the specific curriculum?

Prestigious teaching places will have specific curriculum for students to refer to from the beginning, avoiding that teaching problem. This section should ask more about the practice regime in the course (how many sessions, how many samples, ...).

In addition to the general curriculum for all students is like MTA As mentioned above, in order to achieve quality, you need to have a Timetable, in which, in addition to keeping up with the schedule, updating the training content, you will also be assessed the competency. via your own personal transcript.

In addition, one thing that is also very important when you learn about training institutions is the equipment, tools, machines when studying as well as after you will apply how, universally variable or not because there are many Students who have difficulty using only the machine at their place of study. You should choose a Training Center with modern but commonly used machines, popular in most career centers or markets to be more proactive after completing the course.

7) What support is available after the course?

You need to ask clearly to avoid losing rights such as:

  • Update new knowledge - supplement old knowledge.
  • Gifts after the course.
  • The right to raise advanced certificates, the right to attend domestic and foreign competitions.
  • Support handling crisis or reputation pr. 
Spa Learning Experience - How to Choose a Good Beauty Training Site? 5

Many students do not pay attention to this, leading to the loss of many benefits after finishing the course.

8) Commit in writing:

All information about the course commitment must be clearly and transparently recorded in writing - the contract from the beginning to ensure the future benefits.

Spa Learning Experience - How to Choose a Good Beauty Training Site? 6

When things are not satisfied, you rely on the information on the text to work. This is also evidence for you to ask a third party (social networks, forums, lawyers, ...) to ensure your rights.

The above can be said are 8 basic things, very practical that you need to understand when you have enkindled the intention to participate in the beauty profession for everyone. If you still have questions about the above or any related issues, you can contact MTA For sharing and further support!

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