If You Get Red And Blue, When You Spray Tattoo, Will You Be Up To Standard Color?

If you get a bluish red, then if you spray your tattoo back, will it be up to the standard color?

Questions and Answers | If you get a bluish red, then if you spray your tattoo back, will it be up to the standard color?

You are red and green

“Hello Miss Tram Spa, my eyebrows have been tattooed for about 3 years and now at a facility near my house and now I see a greenish color, I wonder if it is dangerous? I also want to spray the tattoo, but I still wonder whether the color up is standard and the color is changed as the first time. Ask Miss Tram to help me. Thank you"

Yes, that is the question that Miss Tram received last week from customers.

The phenomenon of red-green bloom occurs not as dangerous as the rest, but it has the following causes:

  • Outdated tattoo spraying techniques penetrate deeply to damage and affect the effectiveness after spraying
  • Using low quality tattoo inks, over time oxidizes and colors
  • Base: oily skin, no squid ink should ink color fading and discoloration
  • Care regime after spraying: arbitrarily peeling scales, not keeping hygiene according to the instructions of the Expert ...

Please rest assured, because with modern technology like today, the new treatment and spraying for customers to get eyebrows STANDARD COLOR - NO COLOR CHANGE completely within the ability to ensure the following factors:

+ Thoroughly treating old tattoo ink colors

+ Choose new quality tattoo ink, so choose ink with ingredients from nature will not occur after the color bloom phenomenon

+ KTV sure, experienced

+ Prestige tattoo spraying facility, ensuring hygiene during the implementation process

+ After doing so, it is necessary to comply with the instructions and care instructions that the Instructor instructs.

In particular, when Miss Tram receives a case where the customer needs to fix the eyebrows to look like that, they will go through the standardization process as follows:

- Expert receive status, based on the level of old ink color, to treat by 1 of 2 ways:

+ Use liquid to remove tattoo ink from Europe. Ink color bleaching time ranges from 1-3 times depending on the depth of the depth of old tattoo ink.

+ Remove tattoo with new technology Laser Yag, safe - faster and does not hurt the old eyebrows.

- After the old color finishes processing, the eyebrows are stable, at this time proceed to spray ink that the customer has chosen.

Here, Miss Tram uses the Queen's ink line, which is completely natural, has undergone a rigorous testing process so it will NOT irritate the skin or bloom after some time.

- Finally, examine and carefully guide the steps to take care of your eyebrows BEAUTIFUL.
Have you been peace of mind with this process? If you still have any questions, please contact us immediately for a team of Consultants to support you always !!!

You are red and green

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