Does Miss Tram Academy Pay For Beauty Salon? 1

Is Miss Tram Academy A Beauty Salon With Installment Installment?

Cosmetic tattooing is one of the hottest jobs today because of high job opportunities, attractive salaries and many future developments. However, to become a professional tattoo technician, you need to choose to study at a prestigious vocational training center. By a reputable center with a well-trained curriculum, with a dedicated team of dedicated teachers can convey the most complete and accurate tattoo knowledge and skills to you.

Learn about cosmetic tattoo spray payment

With nearly 20 years in the beauty industry, Miss Tram Academy is proud to be one of the addresses "choosing to send gold" of thousands of students. The cosmetic spraying courses at Miss Tram range from basic to advanced, from package to intensive, to ensure to meet all vocational training needs of all subjects.

So, what are the tattooing courses at Miss Tram Academy that stand out? Does Miss Tram allow you to learn how to pay for cosmetic tattoo? Let's find out through the following article of Miss Tram Academy.

Does Miss Tram Academy Pay For Beauty Salon?

1. What is cosmetic tattooing job?

Unlike previous years, the demand for cosmetic lip - eyebrow eyelashes in recent years is being favored by most women. Because with technology, modern beauty techniques have resulted in extremely natural and sharp tattoo spray. Not only that, these beauty methods also harmonize improve facial imperfections very effectively. So, cosmetic tattooing industry is becoming one of the "hottest" jobs currently.

Does Miss Tram Academy Pay For Beauty Salon? 2

So what is cosmetic tattooing job?

In fact, cosmetic tattoo spray technician is like a tattoo artist on the body, but in the beauty industry with professional and meticulous techniques on eyelids, eyebrows, lips, ..

Studying cosmetic tattoo spray means that you will learn how to choose the eyebrows shape, how to shape the lips, how to draw eyelids appropriately and harmonize the facial contours. You will learn techniques, how to use the spray tools, specialized sculpting to save tattoo ink on each eyelid, eyebrow, lip part. In addition, in professional tattooing courses, you are fully equipped with the other necessary skills to ensure the most skilled after the course.

Note: Basic Cosmetology Tools & School Supplies

2. Cosmetic tattooing courses at Miss Tram Academy

Miss Tram Academy is a training center with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of beauty. Under the guidance of Master Dong Bao Tram - one of the Golden Hands in Vietnamese tattooing and sculpture, the courses at Miss Tram are always elaborate, meticulous and bring the highest quality of training for each student.

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To meet the diverse needs of students, Miss Tram Academy's cosmetic spraying courses include:

  • Vocational training course Tattooing, Embroidery, Sculpting Aesthetics (Eyebrows - Eyelids - Lip lips).
  • Basic Eyebrow Beauty Technician Training Course - Professional Enhancement.
  • Professional Training Course For Advanced Tattoo Techniques.
  • Intensive courses: specializing in techniques such as Microblading 3D Sculpting - 9D, Ombre 3D Eyebrow Powder (Magic Shading),
  • Sculpting European micro-technology lips (Aquarelle Technique), Sculpting eyelid micro-touch Magic Eyes, ... depending on the needs of students.

With each course, Miss Tram Academy always follows the 1-to-1 method to closely follow each student's ability to adjust the most appropriate and most effective learning schedule (learning to confirm to that part, not yet will be accompanied by that teacher). From there, help to ensure the full benefits of study as well as the quality of each student's skills.

Note: No No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No

After the course, students will take the graduation exam to get a regular practice certificate (Standard vocational certificate issued by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs), valid nationwide and lifetime. Miss Tram Academy also has links and support for international qualifications for students wishing to work abroad.

3. Does Miss Tram Academy allow cosmetology tattooing to install?

Compared to other beauty occupations such as Spa - Skin care, Eyelash extensions, Skin treatment, ... cosmetic tattooing is a much higher-paying profession. However, it is accompanied by a higher income level, opportunities for employment and advancement are also better in the future.

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To help students reduce the cost burden, Miss Tram Academy always has the maximum support for students:

  • Receive a complete set of equipment and tools throughout the course.
  • Awarded other beauty courses such as eyelash extensions, skin care techniques, breast spray, ...
  • Supported accommodation (KTX clean, comfortable and spacious) if students are far away.
  • Have the opportunity to receive scholarships up to 30 million and work officially at Miss Tram - MissTram Natural Beauty Center.
  • In case students want to take a professional tattooing course but have not enough tuition, they can pay in two installments: close the Basic Course first, then pay additional tuition to complete the Professional Enhancement Course. Thus, the students in difficult circumstances will reduce the burden of tuition and peace of mind more apprenticeship.
  • Especially, with the current quality of training, Miss Tram Academy is committed to 100% students who are skilled and able to confidently work at Spas - Large beauty salons right after the course, quickly have a stable income. .

Note: Should Tattoo Spraying Time Of The Day Is Best

For nearly 20 years, Miss Tram Academy has built a team of professional teachers - dedicated, always updated practical curriculum and modern tattoo spray techniques. Bringing the best quality training and opening up high career development opportunities for thousands of students. Besides, Miss Tram also always supports the needs and difficulties of each student in the apprenticeship process. So, if you have the desire to pursue cosmetic tattooing, contact Miss Tram for more advice on courses.

Hope this article will be helpful to you. Wishing you every success on your chosen path!

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