Lips Spray First Time Painfully, After More Than 1 Year Want New Spray 2nd Is It Painful

| QUESTION - ANSWER || ✨ The First Lip Spray Is Very Painful, After More Than 1 Year Wanting The New Second Spray Is It Painful?

A customer came to Miss Tram Academy to listen to advice and talk about Lip spray service. She has to emphasize and ask again and again, "Does spraying your lips hurt me? She "shy" because more than 1 year ago she went to spray lips, pain that she tried to force. Now that the pale lips are no longer beautiful, I have the courage to go back to work again. But I'm very worried. ”

Miss Tram UNDERSTANDING and TRADE the visitor because she traveled so far to the center. And there are also many cases of customers who are afraid of pain and do not dare to refresh their lips.

So let you rest assured beauty, Miss Tram please POSITIVE was FACILITY 2nd PAIN PAIN As you think!

- With the first spray, it may be because the anesthetic at the center has not previously reached the standard or the incubation time has not reached a certain level so in the process of causing pain to the customer.

When incubation lip at Miss Tram, will be strictly followed the following process:

- Clean lips thoroughly, exfoliate lips before incubation

- Apply Vaseline to the lips to avoid numbness

- The anaerobic paste will be applied to the lips, covered with nylon for 10-15 minutes

And a special thing is that during the spraying process, if you have any pain, apply it safely on the lips, wait about 2 minutes before spraying again.

With such a process, women no longer have to be afraid of pain and can be assured of beauty!

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