Before And After Spraying Eyelid Opening, Sculpting You Scrape 9D Fiber After Hanging Eyebrow

Image of Opened Eyelid Spray, Sculpting Eyebrow Scrap 9D After Hanging

Before: Before coming to Miss Tram, you were concerned about the issue of making corrections to the eyebrows, sculpting the eyebrows after hanging the eyebrows, or not?

After: After a consultation with the team of #TeamMissTram, she was consulted as possible.

The new eyebrow shaping, and meticulous sculpting of 9D eyebrows not only creates a new eyebrow shape that harmonizes with the face, but also partially obscures the scar that hangs her brow. Result She was very happy with her new eyebrows, so she did the above eyelid sculpting service. Looks like a lot of younger sisters. Wish you beautiful and beautiful forever!

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