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Lip Tattoo Spray For How Long Can The Lipstick Use

Questions and Answers | Lip Tattoo Spray For How Long Can The Lipstick Use

Lip tattoo spray for how long can use lipstick

Depending on the requirements or personal preferences that each customer comes to Miss Tram beauty LIP has different color options. Some people like the dark lip color, going where makeup needs makeup takes time. There are customers who request to just remove the color and go very gently natural color, when you need to apply a little more lipstick is okay.

But I also have more questions about time. ”CHANNELHow long do you use lipstick after spraying your lips?
By the way, please let everyone know together. Time KIÊN SON This depends on three main factors:

  • Professional skills of technicians
  • Quality of ink used
  • Technology spray lips

With today's modern spray technologies (micro-touch lip spray, silk-based lip spray, Spraying stem cells, ...) only after about 2 months, you can apply normal lipstick because:

After finishing the lip spray, lips also need to have a "rest" period lasting from 3 to 7 days for the flakes to peel off. The ideal time for lips to MAKE a STANDARD color 1-2 months after tattooing (depends on the care and the location of each person).

In the meantime for lips to have a beautiful standard color, you should only use lip balm as directed by the center to quickly flake and keep lips moist, not dry. ABSOLUTELY NOT Use other lipsticks to avoid compromising the cosmetic results and lip color.

Lip tattoo spray for how long can use lipstick

If due to the nature of the work or any force majeure reason, it is compulsory to use liposcopy, Miss Tram hopes everyone can take a little time to visit the Center for experts to assess the condition of the lips and Give appropriate advice!

Do not hesitate to call HOTLINE 1900 7018 for advice on any questions you may have about the service.

  • Korean technology Crystal Spray (suitable for both men and women).
  • Crystal Collagen Crystal Spray.
  • Spray the queen's lips.
  • Spray the stem cell lips.
  • Sculpting micro lips.
  • Sculptured crystal lips Collagen.
  • Sculpting stem cell lip.
  • Natural lip sculpture for men.
  • Treatment of dark lips and natural lips spray for both men and women.

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