Why Skin Detoxification 1

Why Waste Skin Toxic

What does skin detox have to do?

In order for the skin care and treatment process to achieve the desired effect, we cannot help but mention the detoxification stage. The correct application of skin detox in the right process will remove dirt, cosmetic residues and a series of agents that cause bad effects on the skin. Not only that, detoxification will help the skin to absorb nutrients as well as pharmaceutical treatment products achieve the best results.

Detoxification for the skin is extremely necessary

Skin detoxification has no effect

Detoxification is essential for healthy skin

Before consulting or applying the detoxification process to customers, we must understand the nature and importance of it, so that the implementation process will be more effective.

In recent years, in the aesthetic industry - the spa has been very popular with the trend of detoxifying the skin. As the quality of life is increasing, the demand for beauty care of each person is constantly increasing. If you look closely, you will find beauty associated with the phrases "safe", "nature", "detox", ... always attract the attention of many people.

And now, "detoxing the skin" is no longer an aesthetic concept for spa professionals, but almost anyone who cares about the beauty of the skin is known.

What is skin detox?

This is the stage of deep cleansing, thorough removal of dirt, toxins, pollutants, cosmetic residues accumulated under the epidermal cell layer, helping to unclog pores. Detoxification will help stimulate new skin regeneration, restore damage, make skin healthier and improve the current state of the skin.

So why must detoxify the skin?

Should skin detox or not

Is this really necessary? Miss Tram Academy would like to remind you that detoxing the skin is extremely necessary, even an indispensable step in many treatments and treatments for skin problems such as pimples, pigmentation, freckles, skin. dry, rough, ...

The skin is one of the most important parts (especially the face), consisting of two basic layers: the dermis (inner) and the epidermis (outer). The skin is in direct contact with people from the environment, and the health of the skin greatly affects the overall health and aesthetics of a person.

When operating in the field of spa, you will easily encounter cases of dull, dry skin after vacations on the beach or skin full of pimples, large pores, patches of pigmentation due to lack of shielding when go out in the sun or remove makeup thoroughly.

In addition, if the digestive system is not working properly, the nervous system is under stress or pressure, it can cause bad effects on the skin, causing the skin to "stagnate" a small amount of toxins. As the skin accumulates toxin day after day, the epidermis, dermis and epidermis will be negatively affected and become weaker and weaker, causing a series of serious skin problems.

Detoxifying the skin in many ways

It can be said that the skin deteriorates in part due to the impact of the environment, in large part due to our daily living habits.

Therefore, you can guide customers to change their habits in a positive way:

  • Drink enough water every day for the purification and metabolism mechanism to stabilize. When the toxin accumulated in the body will be discharged, the skin will be more beautiful. Drinking water also helps provide adequate moisture, limiting dry skin flaking when the weather turns cold.
  • Have a good fiber diet with beans, fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grains, etc. At the same time, adding foods containing probiotics to support the digestive system such as yogurt to keep the intestinal tract healthy, effectively helping to detoxify the body and skin.

When applying the natural detoxifying process for customers, we often have the following main ways:

  • Use the steam treatment process with the appropriate oil (can choose the essential oil smell that customers love)
  • Preparing a mask to detoxify natural ingredients from sea salt, clay, apple juice or activated carbon
  • Use pre-prepared respirators with parameters that ensure the safety standards for the skin

Hope the above post of Miss Tram Academy Help you understand the importance of skin detox.

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