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Why Waste Skin

In order for the skin care and treatment process to be as effective as possible, we cannot help but mention toxic waste. Proper application of toxic waste to the skin will eliminate dust, cosmetic residues and a variety of skin-damaging agents. Not only that, toxic waste will help skin absorb nutrients as well as the best cosmetic treatments.

Extremely toxic skin waste

Before consulting or applying toxic waste treatment to customers, we must understand its nature and its importance, so the implementation process will be more effective.

In recent years, in the aesthetic industry - the spa has a great tendency to remove toxins from the skin. As the quality of life is increasing, the demand for beauty care of each person is constantly increasing. If you look carefully, you will find beauty associated with the words "safe", "nature", "detox", ... always attract the attention of many people. And now, "poisoning the skin" is no longer a fine concept for professionals in the spa industry, but almost everyone who is interested in the healthy health of the skin is known.

Toxic waste is essential for healthy skin

What is toxic waste to the skin? This is a deep cleansing stage, thoroughly eliminating dirt, toxins, pollutants, cosmetic deposits accumulating under epidermal cells, helping pores clear up. Toxic waste will help stimulate new skin regeneration, restore damage, improve health and improve efficiency of the current condition.

So why must be toxic to skin? Is this really necessary? Miss Tram Academy wants to keep in mind that it is essential to eliminate toxins in the skin, even as an indispensable stage in many treatments and treatments for skin problems such as pimples, melasma, freckles, skin dryness,….

The skin is one of the most important parts (especially the facial skin), including the basic layer of SKIN: dermis (inner) and epidermis (outside). Skin is in direct contact with the environment from the environment, while the health of the skin greatly affects the overall health and aesthetics of a person.

When operating in the field of spa, you will easily encounter dull skin, dry after the holidays in the sea or skin full of pimples, large pores, appear burnt patches due to not shielded when go out in the sun or remove the page without being careful. In addition, if the digestive system works unstable, nervous system under stress or pressure can all adversely affect the skin, causing the skin "to remain" a small amount of toxins is not small. When the skin accumulates toxins day after day, the epidermis, dermis and the epidermis will suffer from deterioration and deterioration, causing serious skin problems.

Our facial skin must "withstand" many environmental and living habits

There are many ways to release toxic waste to the skin

It can be said that skin deterioration is partly due to the impact of the environment, much of it is due to our own daily routine. Therefore, you can guide customers to change their habits in a positive way:

  • Drink enough water every day to stabilize the metabolism and metabolism. When the toxin accumulates in the body, it will be excreted, the skin will be healthier. Drinking water also helps to provide adequate moisture, limiting the dry skin peeling when the weather turns cold.
  • Have a good fiber diet with beans, fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grains, .... At the same time, add food containing probiotics to support digestive system such as yogurt for healthy intestinal tract, support to effectively eliminate toxins for body and skin.

When applying natural skin detoxification procedures to customers, we often have the following main ways:

  • Use the steam course with the essential oils (you can choose the essential oils that customers love)
  • Prepare a natural detoxifying mask from sea salt, clay, apple juice or activated carbon
  • Use toxic waste masks prepared with parameters to ensure skin safety standards

Hope the above article of Miss Tram Academy Help you understand more about the importance of skin toxicity.

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