What are the advantages of carbon laser skin detox? 1

What are the advantages of carbon laser skin detox?

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For skin detox, we have many different methods, and carbon laser is considered to be the most effective method for skin showing signs of chemical pollution, often in direct contact with pollutants. in the natural environment or experiencing mild to severe inflammatory acne.

So what are the advantages of this method and how to apply it? The following article of Miss Tram Academy will provide more useful knowledge for you.

1. What is toxic to skin and carbon laser?

Detoxification for the skin is a general term for deep cleansing techniques, taking away dust, cosmetic residues under the pores to help the skin to be clear. Detoxification is extremely effective and necessary for the skin, as this is a step to help restore damage, stimulate new cell production to heal skin damage.

effective method of skin detoxification

Our skin needs to be properly detoxified to be healthier

The fact that our skin, no matter how well cared for, uses expensive creams, carefully shields when outdoors, the skin is still subject to many unwanted negative effects. You can see an increasingly polluted environment filled with smog, ultraviolet rays and a host of other chemical toxins.

Environmental factors silently affect the skin no matter how you use protective measures how carefully. Not to mention, the use of cosmetics can also cause the skin to accumulate toxins that conventional cleaning methods (washing your face with water, washing your face with a cleanser) cannot remove it all.

When the skin is contaminated with toxins, the signs of aging will quickly come, a series of serious problems such as pimples, dark spots and wrinkles. Therefore, to prevent and limit this situation, we must apply the process of deep cleansing, regular detox for the skin.

Referring to the detox in addition to the method of natural mask prepared by own formula, Spas or apply laser carbon to purify the skin. Compared to modulated masks, carbon lasers are especially suitable for skin showing signs of chemical contamination (from environmental agents or daily use cosmetics).

Carbon laser not only helps to remove dirt, but also deepens to tighten pores, makes skin brighter, not to mention it also helps boost collagen synthesis to restore scars or pores. .

This is one of the outstanding advantages of carbon laser compared to other detoxification methods. The effectiveness of larser carbon detox treatment depends on the situation of each person, there is a certain difference, but only 1-2 times the skin will have significant improvement.

carbon laser detoxification

2. The steps to detoxify the skin with carbon larser

In general, the process of detoxification by carbon larser is quite simple with the following technical steps:

Step 1: First of all, it is necessary to remove the skin cleanse for the implementer. This step helps unclog pores, helping the purifying nutrients absorb better.

Step 2: Exfoliating and steaming to get toxins, dirt out of the sweat excretion.

Step 3: Massage gently to awaken epidermal cells, stimulating metabolism on the skin.

Step 4: Conduct a carbon mask (activated carbon) for about 15-20 minutes. Note that you must use charcoal powder according to Health standards, high quality and clearly verified. The use of poor quality coal, unknown origin can make the skin condition more severe.

Step 5: Using laser toning with a wavelength of 1064nm promotes the impact of carbon molecules. At this time, the detox process takes place most strongly, eliminating toxins deep under the skin effectively.

Step 6: After firing a carbon laser, you spray oxygen to refresh your skin, shrink pores and then apply lotion to the skin.

The method to detoxify by laser carbon to the most effective should be carried out 1-2 times / month (for normal skin), in case the skin is contaminated with chemicals due to the use of quality cosmetics, the frequency of implementation is high than to heal skin damage.

This method of detoxification is not as invasive as the skin laser treatment, so you can consult customers clearly, creating psychological comfort when doing. Note must instruct guests to apply careful sunscreen measures to limit unwanted effects from the environment.

Some share of Miss Tram Academy Hope to have provided more knowledge about carbon laser (operation principles and procedures for the procedure) for those who are studying Spa and skincare. Wishing you a successful implementation of the course!

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