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What Are The Advantages Of Removing Toxic Carbon Laser?


For skin toxicity we have many different methods of application, and carbon lasers are considered to be the most effective method for skin with signs of chemical contamination, often in direct contact with pollutants. in the natural environment or having mild to severe acne breakouts. So what is the advantage of this method, how to apply it? Miss Tram Academy's following article will provide more useful knowledge for you.

What is toxic waste for skin and carbon laser method?

Toxic waste to the skin is a common way of deep cleansing techniques, removing dirt, residual cosmetic deposits under pores to help the skin to be clear. Toxic waste is extremely effective and necessary for the skin, as this is a step to help restore damage, stimulate new cells to heal skin lesions.

Our skin needs to be disposed of properly to be healthier

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In fact, no matter how well we take care of our skin, using expensive creams, carefully covering them when we go out, the skin still suffers from unwanted negative effects. You may find the environment increasingly polluted with smoke, ultraviolet rays and a range of other toxic chemicals. Quiet environmental factors affect your skin no matter how carefully you use protective measures. Not to mention, the use of cosmetics can also cause the skin to accumulate toxins that conventional cleaning methods (washing face with water, washing face with cleanser) cannot be taken away.

When the skin becomes toxic, signs of aging will quickly come, skin appears serious problems such as pimples, dark spots and wrinkles. Therefore, in order to prevent and limit this situation, we must apply deep cleansing process to regularly remove the skin.

Referring to toxic waste in addition to the natural masking method prepared by own formula, spas or applying carbon lasers to purify the skin. Compared to the modulation masks, carbon lasers are particularly suitable for skin with signs of chemical contamination (from environmental agents or daily use cosmetics). Carbon lasers not only help to remove dirt but also work deeply to tighten pores, make skin brighter, not to mention it also helps promote collagen synthesis to restore sunken or pitting scars on skin. . This is one of the outstanding advantages of carbon lasers compared to other toxic methods. The carbon larser effect is dependent on each person's condition, but only from 1-2 times the skin performance will be significantly improved.

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Steps to remove toxic skin with carbon larser

In general, toxic waste treatment with carbon larser is quite simple with the following technical steps:

Step 1: First need to remove clean skin for performers. This step will make the pores clearer, helping the cleansing nutrients better absorbed.

Step 2: Exfoliating dead cells and steaming to remove toxins and dirt in the way of sweating.

Step 3: Massage gently to awaken the epidermal cells, stimulate the metabolism on the skin.

Step 4: Conduct carbon masking (activated carbon) about 15-20 minutes. Note that you must use charcoal powder according to medical standards, high quality and clearly verified. The use of poor quality, unidentified coal powder may make the skin worse.

Step 5: Using laser toning with wavelength of XNUMnm promotes the impact of carbon molecules. At this time, the toxic waste process is most powerful, effectively removing deep toxins under the skin.

Step 6: After firing carbon lasers, you use jet spray to refresh your skin, shrink your pores and then apply lotion to your skin.

The most efficient method of toxic waste with carbon laser treatment should be carried out from 1-2 times / month (for normal skin), in case of contaminated skin due to the use of non-quality cosmetics, the frequency of implementation is high. More to heal skin lesions.

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This method of detoxification does not cause skin invasion nor burns like normal laser treatment, so you can consult customers clearly, creating a comfortable psychology when done. Be sure to tell your guests to apply sun protection measures carefully to limit unwanted impacts from the environment.

Some share of Miss Tram Academy Hoping to provide more knowledge about carbon lasers (principles of operation and how to proceed with therapy) for those who are studying Spa-skin care. Wishing you a successful submission!

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