Understanding Acne Steps 1

Understanding Acne Steps

Acne is a common skin condition of many people. This skin issue is particularly concerned by many women, because they cause loss of aesthetics and greatly affect the health of the skin. Therefore, the women often choose to go to the dermatology center to be examined and have the appropriate treatment regimen. 

These regimens are usually based on skin conditions. And with each different acne stage, customers will be treated with separate methods. To better understand the acne stages and the appropriate treatment, do not skip the following article of Miss Tram Academy Please.

Understanding Acne Steps

1. The causes of acne formation

Typically, acne is formed mainly by two main reasons:

Understanding Acne Steps 2

The cause comes from within:

  • Due to hormonal changes: periods of puberty, pregnancy, premenopause, ... or hormonal disorders due to health changes, affected by prolonged stress.
  • Due to genetics.

The cause is from the outside:

  • Due to great influence by harmful agents from the environment.
  • Do not clean skin properly.
  • Due to diet, unhealthy activities.
  • Due to the water supply is not guaranteed.
  • Due to irritation by daily skin care cosmetics.

When conditions are right, acne will quickly appear and develop quickly. Therefore, you need to understand the cause of acne and help customers find the most specific cause, to have effective remedies and prevent acne. This also supports the process of acne treatment to occur quickly and limit acne recurrence.

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2. The development stage of acne

Acne has a life cycle of forming and developing in specific stages. They will evolve in stages from light to heavy, not merely rushing up and down again as many people imagine. Typically, a acne acne from its formation to its disappearance will go through 4 stages of development. As follows:

  • State 1: Whiteheads

Acne stages

Whiteheads are caused by clogged pores (oils, dirt, dead skin cells). At this time, painless touch is small, size is also small, can be squeezed and healed.

  • Phase 2: Switch to blackhead

Understanding Acne Steps 3

The cause of the formation of blackheads is because the pores are open, opening the mouth leading to oxidation, causing the whiteheads to turn black. Acne is still small, painless and can be molded.

  • Phase 3: Switch to red acne

Acne stages

Inflammatory acne forms when the bacteria in blackheads are raging. The most noticeable manifestation is the acne that appears on the surface of the skin, which is tender to touch and the skin is slightly swollen. At this time, the acne cannot be molded, it is necessary to have an appropriate treatment, combined with keeping the skin clean.

  • Stage 4: Switch to pustules, acne

Understanding Acne Steps 4

This is a critical stage in the development of acne. The bump often has a lot of white or yellow pus inside it should look quite large. When acne is in a severe stage, absolutely not arbitrarily molded, it should coordinate a variety of different treatments, to prevent acne from turning into deep scars, pitted scars after the break.

How to treat acne for each stage?

At Miss Tram, each stage of acne will have a separate treatment plan: 

  • For mild acne stage such as blackheads, whiteheads, specialists will take all of the acne cores and conduct intensive skin care procedures to nourish the skin and remove acne completely.
  • For severe acne stage such as hidden acne, red acne, pustules, and acne combined with different treatments such as: using acne technology, skin care process, applying cream and taking medicine to cure point.

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3. The acne treatment process at Miss Tram

Understanding Acne Steps 5

With each acne treatment at Miss Tram, customers will usually be treated according to the following standard procedure:

Step 1: Examination, skin examination and advice on the current situation of acne.

Step 2: Conducting toxin clearance to unclog pores, help get acne easily.

Step 3: Get the acne cores at the right time.

Step 4: Use appropriate acne treatment technology. 

Step 5: Apply a special herbal mask to help treat and heal acne areas to the root.

After each treatment, Miss Tram specialists will schedule a new appointment for the next route. Accompanied by notes for guests when skin care at home to support shortening acne treatment time.

The acne technologies used at Miss Tram include: Green Laser / Blue Light technology, Oxygen Jet technology, Nano Skin technology, Bio Light technology. These modern technologies help acne quickly, treat acne from deep within and prevent acne effectively. 

Understanding Acne Steps 6

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In particular, Miss Tram also owns micro point activation technology Fractional CO2 laser - Latest differential CO2 laser technology with lots of smart features. Not only solving acne problems, Laser CO2 Fractional technology also brings the ability to recover after acne effectively: restoring pitted scars, dark circles, tightening pores, regenerating healthy and smooth skin. more membrane.

With each acne situation, dermatologists at Miss Tram will use different acne technologies to save costs and bring the highest efficiency to customers.

Above are the share of Miss Tram Academy about the stages of acne. Acne does not suddenly appear and it will not go away naturally. They are formed in stages, then there will be appropriate treatments. However, if you do not remove the root of the acne, then the hate spots will quickly recur and develop worse. Therefore, the acne treatment process greatly affects the treatment results. 

Hope this article will be helpful to you. Good luck!

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