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Saving Wellness - Focusing on Skin Health

With the continuous development of the cosmetics industry, many new beauty trends appear to help beauty believers get the best experience in their beauty. Appeared from the year 2018, the trend Wellness continued to grow strongly this year and is expected to grow in the following years.

Wellness - beautify from nurturing inside - Shows a new thought in beauty as well as skin care. Only when nourished and cared for from the inside, can the skin have a good health, then beauty will be sustained.

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Safe beauty instead of trying to cover up, act quickly

Previously, you can easily find products with miraculous beauty benefits, help you own a beautiful skin quickly. However, behind that beauty is the immeasurable harm to your skin and your health. Ingredients such as parabens, nickel, flavorings, Phthalates, corticosteroids, etc. are found in makeup and skin care products. If you are exposed to these substances regularly, you will be at risk of having dermatitis, allergies, hormonal disorders ...

And the good news is that today, when they are aware of their incalculable harms, manufacturers have found alternative ingredients with benign, safer skin. Makeup products are also gradually adding skin care ingredients, making makeup no longer an obsession of skin.

The trend of finding consumer beauty products is also becoming more sensitive, they are more interested in the product composition of the product. Today, with the development of information technology, consumers can easily evaluate products and ingredients for safe skin care in a better way.

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Skin care by eliminating the effects of the environment

The living environment of people is increasingly polluted, daily skin must be exposed to smoke, sunlight, computers, phones, etc. Besides stressful body, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating and drinking strong, ... greatly affects the skin, causing serious skin problems such as acne, aging, darkening, ...

Understanding these unpredictable harms, people are increasingly paying more attention to diet, scientific rest and use of products to prevent and minimize those impacts.

Sunscreen has become an isolated body every time you leave the street. In addition to fighting against solar radiation, this is also a screen against the harmful effects of light from computers and mobile phones.

Body detox is also one of the most commonly used methods to help remove the toxins present, bring a healthy body and this is the foundation for a healthy skin.

Skin care products are also interested in adding more anti-aging ingredients, you can easily find specialized anti-aging products. Besides the ability to add moisture, enhance skin health, bring a skin full of vitality. These products are completely benign, even the most sensitive skin can be used.

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Enhance skin beauty from deep inside

With a focus on skin health, consumers are increasingly looking inward, focusing on beauty methods from deep within. They understand that a healthy, energetic body brings a beautiful skin.

So, in addition to taking care and supplementing nutrients from outside, consumers are increasingly interested in care products from inside. And so, functional foods, dietary supplements and beauty supplements are becoming more and more popular. You will easily find on the market the products of collagen supplements, white skin tablets, anti-aging pills, acne treatment ... with origin around the world. With this beauty method, you will own a sustainable beauty with more time, health-enhanced skin, thus increasing resistance against the harmful effects from the environment.

As the trend of beauty care is growing, people increasingly focus on the table of ingredients with the same origin origin. Ingredients that are extracted from nature, from plants are more popular. Not affecting the ecosystem of animals is increasingly alarmed red and does not affect the current living environment.

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With this beauty trend, it is expected to grow even more in the coming years as it brings a lasting beauty with time, both safe and benign, not only for the body and human skin but also It is also very safe for today's living environment. With the above share of Miss Tram Academy, hope to help you better understand the Wellness trend and choose for yourself the most suitable skin care method.

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