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Current Trends in Trending for the End of Year

With the non-stop change in beauty, every year, there are new, unique makeup trends or the return of old trends, but a new shirt is worn. And getting to know what beauty trends are expected to take place at the end of the year will help you not get lost. And Miss Tram Academy Find out which makeup styles are.

New Makeup Trends Are Coming Up For The End Of This Year

1. The return of lip gloss

New makeup trends in 2020

There has been a long time, anywhere you come across charming, charming lips with lipstick on the lips, now that position has gradually been replaced by the return of lip gloss in the trend. makeup this year. However, the lipstick of 2019 will be a much improved version than the ones you can remember. Cosmetics brands are now gradually upgrading products with non-stick lip gloss versions. This will help you avoid the big trouble of the usual characteristics of previous lip gloss.

The return of the trend of using lip gloss is good news for those who love succulent beauty, moist lips, full of vitality. With this trend, the lips also escape the scene to carry on themselves a layer of heavy and dry lipstick.

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2. Transparent skin

skin makeup trend

The dewy, cloudy skin began to become popular from the end of the year, until now, there has been no sign of cooling down. However, by the end of the year, it has been taken to a whole new level, it is transparent skin. This makeup trend originates from Korea and gradually becomes a worldwide makeup trend. With this trend, there will be no more attention to the dense cream foundation or chalk, but the cream, the nourishing cream will be a close companion for your skin.

3. A daring lips

The lipstick was an outdated makeup technique, but, not lacing the lips didn't mean there was no appearance of personality and daring. Although the deep red color may appear in your mind when thinking about a daring lips, the more prominent colors are the main trend this year. The makeup artist revealed that these shades - from deep coral to peach, even neon pink - will dominate this year.

You can try these fun colors, and combining them on face without makeup or transparent skin will create a much more interesting and unexpected combination. This helps you eliminate dozens of times when you have to make a thorough makeup from your eyebrows to your eyes. And this is really a trend for busy girls in daily makeup.

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4. Brilliant mascara

If you haven't joined or don't like the trend of daring lips, there is another way to make a little color to your face in your makeup routine, the brilliant Mascara. Although makeup experts judge that this trend will not last forever, you should try it at least once before it disappears.

You can find a lot of mascara with different colors, but you should choose carefully. Colors like pink, red or orange will not be able to accentuate the eyes the way you want them to, making them more prominent than the reds in your eyes. So, if you want to find a suitable color for your daily makeup, experts recommend choosing cool colors that will make your eyes stand out.

5. Sparkling face

If you are a passionate, passionate person, this trend will definitely be for you. Your face will be dotted with sparkling emulsions that attract the gaze from the opposite. No longer simply a sparkling detail like lips or eyes, like this year, but this year, sparkling will be adorned randomly, maybe lips, maybe eyelids and also legs you.

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6. Natural eyebrows

In the past year, the keyword "perfect eyebrows" has always been one of the most popular keywords in beauty trends. The rows of eyebrows are meticulous, the millimeter standard becomes the norm for a beautiful line of eyebrows. But this year, this standard is gradually being replaced by nature.

Along with a healthy, natural tendency, it takes time to paint a perfect eyebrow but receives a stiff and artificial eyebrow, making the face become more mature. gradually removed and replaced with a neatly trimmed natural eyebrow. This both helps you reduce a large amount of time to paint a perfect eyebrow while making the face look natural and gentle.

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7. Geometric eye makeup

If you are looking to change your makeup style in a bold way, then this trend of geometric eye makeup will be the suggestion for you. The eye makeup trend with one-color eyeshadow blocks and unique, colorful eyeliner lines. These are called geometric eye makeup trends.

With this trend, combine with a natural lash line, which will highlight the funny lines on the eyes you've tried to paint. However, do not try to combine too many different colors because they will make you have a "work" disaster.

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8. Bright eye liner

Along with the geometric eye makeup trend, light-colored eyeliner pens also crowned this year. If you are familiar with the traditional black hue, why not try to leave the safe area with outstanding colors. Maybe you don't like the geometric eye makeup trend, the light-colored eyeliner will be a great hint for you to stand out.

9. Eyes cat

2019 is expected to be the return of classic cat eyes. Although the shape will be similar to the old style, however, this year, cat eye painting techniques will pay more attention to the end of the eye contour, the thickness is not too wide. Cat eyes are favored by its versatility. Almost suitable for everyone. This makeup makes the eyes look bigger, longer and increase attention.

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10. Toilless

Not everyone wants to spend some time on makeup. And the trend of no makeup is expected to grow strongly and last for years to come. There were no more well-groomed cheekbones and the face was sculpted with sharp lines. Instead, it was a natural face with a feminine, gentle look.

It's undeniable that the effects of makeup make up, but not having to spend time on daily makeup is also a good thing that you should try. Just a soft moist foundation, a set of eyebrows shaped and pink lips are enough to attract the eyes of many people.

These are the trends that are expected to be crowned later this year that you can refer to. Although there will be bold trends, you may be able to match those makeup. Refresh yourself, impressive appearance in the party will make you look attractive.


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