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Effective Treatment of Itchy Face Mask

How It Is Covered Done It Done

Natural skin care masks are considered safe for your skin. However, there are still cases after the mask is completed itching, rash and results are not as expected. So what do we do if we encounter this situation? Please refer to the processing direction of Miss Tram Academy you!

How to apply itch mask

1. Why does the face mask get itchy or hot on the face after burning up the skin?

In fact, although it is a product used for skin care and beauty, it is not always comfortable after applying a face mask. Signs of hot face, itchiness, rash, and skin irritation are quite common and most common.

The main causes of the above situation include:

  • Facial skin is not clean

Due to the impact of the external environment, the face skin often has lots of dirt and bacteria attached. If before the mask you do not clean your face or not thoroughly cleaned, you will create opportunities for bacteria to invade and harm the skin. Therefore, before applying the mask, you should or instruct the person applying the face wash with clean water to remove the remaining dirt on the face.

Effective Treatment of Itchy Mask Complementation 2

Washing your face clean is a must before applying a mask

In addition, after a lot of masks you think it is not necessary to wash your face because the nutrients in the mask penetrate deeply inside, wash your face, they will go away. This is a misleading way of thinking because depending on the type of mask we have to wash our face after applying a mask to unclog pores.

  • Apply the mask too many times continuously

Regular skin care is a good habit. However, using the mask to moisturize too many times continuously is not good at all.

In fact, anyone's skin is very fragile, if you regularly apply masks will lose the natural protective layer of oil on the skin surface, leaving the skin no longer able to resist the environmental effects, vulnerable. Sensitive skin can also lead to redness and other symptoms.

For moisturizing masks, apply 2-3 times / week, drug masks, 1-2 times / week is best. It will ensure skin health without losing the natural barrier.

  • Use a mask that does not match the face

Some masks are suitable for all skin types, but there are still masks that suit only certain skin types. Therefore, if you do not use the right mask for the skin of the person who applied it, after applying the mask, you may experience redness, stinging on the skin like a needle prick, sometimes itchy. snoring lightly.

When these signs appear, you should switch to using a more suitable mask. And in the process of using different types of masks, you should prioritize using products that have a calming, relaxing function for the skin.

In addition, you should avoid using inferior, unidentified masks. They can cause irritated, allergic, burning skin, even itchy skin, peeling skin, causing serious damage to the surface of your skin.

2. The allergy cure by masking

  • Use yogurt to treat allergies

The composition of yogurt contains many probiotics which are beneficial for the body, helping to kill disease-causing bacteria effectively. At the same time, yogurt also provides vitamins, minerals and water to help moisturize, soothe allergic skin.

Effective Treatment of Itchy Mask Completions 3

Unsweetened yogurt treats allergies due to masking very well

All you need to do is apply yogurt directly to your face and let it dry. Then continue, doing so for about 15 minutes so that the skin is absorbed with nutrients and helps to cool the skin.

To increase the healing effect of allergic skin faster, you can use yogurt in combination with rice flour to apply on the skin. This type of treatment mixture if applied twice a day, applied continuously for a week, allergy signs will improve quickly.

  • Wash your face with salt water

Effective Treatment of Itchy Mask Coverings 4

Using diluted salt water to wash your face will help the skin recover quickly in the best way. You can instruct the irritant to use a cotton pad soaked in diluted salt water and wipe gently on the affected, itchy skin. After 5 minutes, rinse with water.

Diluted salt water helps disinfect to prevent acne from forming. At the same time, it also helps to clean the skin and exfoliate the skin to help the skin more open.

If you apply the mask after encountering itchy and irritating cases, apply some simple remedies above! Hope this article has provided more useful skincare knowledge for you!

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