STANDARD Facial Cleansing Steps that Students Need to Know


Removing makeup properly will help the use of all kinds of products and methods of care to be maximized. The correct makeup remover removes dirt, excess oil and makeup. Skin is clean, then the skin care steps then take effect.

At Miss Tram before each procedure, customers will be thoroughly cleansed by the KTV, for introductory students this is a very important skill, although a basic step but will contribute a great deal of success. of skincare routine. Let's Miss Tram Academy refer to the step of makeup remodeling right Spa standard.

STEP CLEANING STEPES Students Should Know 2

Common types of makeup remover: The market currently has 3 types: oil, makeup remover and wax. About the ability to clean, oil and wax equivalent, deep cleansing, and makeup remover suitable for use on light makeup or foundation, separate eyes and lips you should choose specialized products for 2 areas This skin is very sensitive. For those with sensitive skin or acne, be careful when choosing makeup remover.

Spa makeup remover process:

+ Step 1: Wet the makeup remover with water, then gently wipe the eye area, along the bridge of the nose first, then to the rest of the face.

+ Step 2: Remove the makeup remover onto a cotton pad and gently wipe to clean the skin area. Pay attention to hidden areas such as the nose wings and the area under the lips ...

Note: Wipe from the bottom up so as not to cause sagging skin that will cause aging.

In the case of customers who wear thick makeup, full of foundation, foundation, mascara, bold lipstick ... then remove makeup more carefully, combine gentle massage to remove makeup remover deeply into the face skin, thereby dissolving chemicals and Help them easily get rid of the skin surface.

With the above knowledge, please practice and practice these basic basic skills regularly. Good luck!

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Please contact Miss Tram immediately for more advice on the study path and see if you are suitable for this career or not!

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