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Recipes Relieve Pain For Customers When Spraying Lips

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Recipes Relieve Pain for Customers When Spraying Lips 2

Spraying lips with modern technology like today is completely non-invasive, does not create serious injuries on the lips, so customers can be assured to return to daily life. However, during the process of doing it will be difficult to avoid the pain and for some people they feel very uncomfortable. If there is no remedy, pain relief will affect the final result.

Whether the spray is painful or not as well as the beauty will depend on the following factors:

1. Lip incubation step for guests

The lips are naturally sensitive, so just a slight impact will cause pain. Therefore, anesthesia is an important step that must be applied to its customers. When you numb the lips you should choose a safe, quality assurance for the customer. In addition, apply numb to lips only for about 10-15 minutes, because if left for long will cause dark lips.

2. Walking needle

If you go with a steady needle, a reasonable angle to hold the needle, give the needle to the prescribed depth (0.3mm), the customer will be able to limit the pain somewhat. The technique of fine needle walking is also very important, because on the one hand it helps the needle to go stable, non-invasive to create damage, on the other hand will help the ink put into the skin evenly so that the lips have a beautiful standard color.

Each lip region will work with the needle force is not the same, thus ensuring the ink color down evenly. When you go needle, you must not go too many times a position because it can cause pain and hurt customers, lips cause swelling and lead to bruises. This is a technique that Miss Tram Academy always reminds students to master.

3. Help customers feel most comfortable

Equipped with comfortable beds and medium size will help customers relax, relax during the process. In addition, before that you also have to consult clearly, tell guests the problems that may occur so they have the best psychological preparation.

Hope you are succesful.

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