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3D lip spray has the ability to create sharp contours, while creating a multi-dimensional effect with the most beautiful and natural colors. This is a new technology, loved by many women because it brings attractive lips, outstanding in all angles. 3D lip spray is also a difficult technique, requiring color mixing techniques as well as complex lip shape. Let's listen to a few of Miss Tram's share about this technique!

What should be noted about European standard 3D lip spray?

As mentioned above, this is a fairly complicated technique, requiring good implementation of the following stages:

1. Scaling - creating lip mass

First, you have to draw lips completely. Depending on the thickness of your lips, you can create the appropriate lip border. And in the division step, divide the upper lip into 3 parts, the lower lip into 2 parts. These sections will be applied colors according to the multi-dimensional effect.

2. Tinting effects

Perform ink phase into 3 levels: dark, medium and light. The ink color must be used in the same tone, if you choose the wrong color, the lip spray will be completely damaged.

3. Spray dark colors to represent 3D blocks for lips

Each tone is sprayed as follows:

▪️ The lip contours, the corners of the lips, the inside of the lips will be areas where dark colors are applied.
▪️ Medium tones will be used to create harmony, without making differences between colored parts.
▪️ As for the pale color, use a spray to focus on 2 lower lip lines, or you can replace it by applying shade (only about 5 minutes).

3D lip spray also needs to apply the technique of standard needle with a uniform hand force, not too fast or too slow, and the depth of the needle is only about 0.2-0.3mm (proposed by Miss Tram). Because the skin is thin and sensitive, so you should not go back and forth too much. Each needle goes really sure can help the ink evenly, minimize swelling.

Hope you are succesful.

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