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Should I Follow Beauty Salon (Spa, Beauty Salon)? Is It Easy To Succeed?


Should I follow a beauty career (spa, beauty salon)? What needs to be prepared? This is definitely a question of many young people, you are not young, ... when you want to choose a career, career orientation for the future or changing careers. With the current speed and demand for beauty, how will the beauty industry have a future?

Does beauty work really open wide opportunities for many people?

In recent years, in the career trend is concerned and the first choice must include the beauty industry (Spa - beauty). Undeniably, the strong development of beauty services, millions of Vietnamese workers have a stable job with a high income, greatly improving the quality of life.

Beauty job: Stable job opportunities - High income

We can see very clearly when the quality of life is increasing, other needs will increase greatly. The most typical is the need to beautify and take care of yourself. If before, beauty was only a privilege of women, of those who were "abundant", nowadays, every gender, all ages and diverse classes can use beauty services to help themselves. believe more.

As the demand of users increases, it is followed by the continuous growth of service providers. According to statistics, every year in Vietnam there will be about 2.000 Spa or beauty salon business unit opened. "The beauty industry in Vietnam is facing an opportunity for rapid and sustainable development, when technology and science and technology in this field are increasingly developing." - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cao Van Sam, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Association for Vocational Education and Social Work profession.

The increase in user demand will result in demand for human resources. It is obvious that the human resources for beauty services are not only concentrated in big cities but also in rural areas, and the provincial area still needs this team.

Currently, the beauty services industry is considered as one of the trend industries, has the potential to grow strongly because of the beauty needs at any time, and when life goes up, it is inevitable that we will love more personally, will focus on the external form. It is this that creates attractive job opportunities for a large number of workers.

Moreover, this industry is very suitable for those who wish to have a flexible job on time, not to be under too much pressure and especially those who have love for beauty and creativity. take. People who work in the beauty field will at some time become true artists, spreading beauty to everyone, turning their passion into the best value for the community.

According to the survey, beauty services (including groups of skin care, skin treatment, cosmetic, tattoo, ...) bring about a relatively high average monthly income, typically as tattoo spray can receive OK Salary 15 - 20 million / month. Not to mention, this area creates an open opportunity for those who want to develop the future, wanting to own their own property. Because of the technical stability and the grasp of specific craft know-how, you can completely "go out in front of the wave", run your own beauty care center.

The road to beauty care: Be really interested and enthusiastic

High income, flexible working time, easy construction of private property is what you will get when choosing to develop with a beauty career. But before the process of acquiring knowledge, the process of vocational training is difficult and complicated? This must be the question that many people intend to pursue beauty care industry.

With many years of training experience Miss Tram AcademyWe realize that the first criterion of bringing you to success is passion. Because of love, we have passion to persevere to pursue the dream to the end. And then, you have to choose a reputable training facility, help you grasp the technology, absorb technology in a methodical way to apply in practice.

The beauty industry is important in practical skills, but the background knowledge must still be grasped in order to handle well the situations that occur during the operation. Therefore, the advice for you is still to choose the places with the ability to teach, enough experience to convey and enough modern equipment for you to familiarize, manipulate.

When choosing to study beauty careers, we do not have to spend so much time as some other academic fields. For example, Spa industry skin care, makeup, sculpture spray aesthetic tattoo (eyebrow - eye - lips), ... if hard to pursue, only a few months we will understand the technical manipulation.

And of course, it takes a while to rub against the reality to improve your skills. If you persist in studying and training, you can be strong, confident and develop your career successfully.

Refer to some Spa - Beauty salon courses at Miss Tram Academy

Operating in the beauty industry, domestic and foreign aesthetic training over 17 years, Miss Tram Beauty Academy is highly appreciated by many generations of students. Nearly 70% Miss Tram Academy's students from Vietnam (study to open a shop or work immediately) and 30% are students from abroad (Miss Tram Academy has a legal international degree for some of the required majors).

With the system of modern equipment and curriculum more than 17 in continuous improvement, Miss Tram Academy ensures that students can apply professional knowledge in a practical, safe and shortest time.

Miss Tram Academy's key courses:

In fact no industry is full of roses, no path to success is flat. However, if you do not try, do not dare to face challenges, we may have lost many good opportunities. If you really love beauty, go ahead with it!

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