Learn How To Fix Eyebrow Spray Effectively

Today, everyone's eyebrow spraying needs are getting higher and higher, so eyebrow tattooing also becomes hot and attracts many people following this profession. Of course, not everyone can succeed right from the first hand, so it is imperative for the embroidery sprayer to fix broken eyebrows. There are many different eyebrow errors, each with its own remedies. And MissTram Beauty Academy discover.

Red Leg Treatment

In order to be able to open and start with the tattooing profession, besides mastering the tattoo techniques, mastering the error correction technique is also essential. The error of error can be mentioned as follows:

The cause of red eyebrows may be due to poor ink quality, because in the process of mixing the KTV toner phase has been mixed too much brown or because the spraying process is too light, the ink does not eat into the skin.

For a small red case, you can use HS-3 for treatment, this is a neutral color that can help the skin return to its original color. First, you can go to a crisp dark brown border, then use HS-3 or dark red treatment color then spray the dark brown for you to fix the problem. Also for the case of many red and dark red, you must use red ink for handling.

  • You are blue

The reason may be that the tattoo facility has used poor quality ink, containing heavy metals or toxic substances. Or maybe it was because the people mixed the ink too much black, making the ink color wrong. In addition, if the needle goes too long, the submerged ink will create a green feeling.

If you have a lot of blue, then you use a lot of brown-based ink that is used to treat green. If the green is less then you also handle the same as the red eyebrow, by going to the dark brown frame, then use HS-3 to handle green. However, when you spray your eyebrows, you absolutely should not use black brown, but only use natural brown, many times for you to be colored.

  • Do not format the eyebrow shape

It is possible that the person holding the needle goes too lightly, the frame is not definitive, not sharp, making the eyebrow shape not beautiful and sharp.

In order to handle this situation, you first need to sharpen the frame and go to the correct line, the depth of needle to the skin is about 0.05mm so that the skin attaches to the ink without hurting the skin.

Sculpting Sculptor Micro Touch

  • Irregular eyebrows

There are many reasons for uneven eyebrows such as in the process of spraying KTV people with uneven hands, improper needle technique, not yet definitive or mixed in the color of unqualified ink, stirring irregular ink.

For this case, you need to take one side as a standard, can lower the color on the darker side by spraying the appropriate treatment color or spraying the extra mile with the lighter eyebrow color to the color with the other eyebrow.

In addition, for some cases, such as eyebrows are damaged, the eyebrows are too bold to make you become old and evil, you need to proceed with laser tattoo removal and new eyebrow spray. Modern laser tattoo removal technology can now remove tattoo ink but absolutely no harm to the skin so you can feel secure.

No "needle holder" can guarantee his success in the first time he sprayed his eyebrows, and the eruptions are entirely possible at any time. However, once you've mastered how to handle errors, you don't need to worry too much about this.

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In addition, in order to limit errors in eyebrow spray, it is also important to write the word TAM. If you want to follow the tattooing profession, you must really love the profession, enthusiastic with the profession, use quality ink, go to the right technique as well as have the necessary meticulousness, trying to bring the perfect eyebrows , make customers happy.

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