Instructions on how to apply eyebrow color to the correct color 1

Instructions on How To Use Eyebrow Coloring Accurate

The ink color mixing method will directly determine whether the color is right or not, and avoid damaged or less aesthetic aesthetic. Tinting ink is not difficult, but requires its own secret. Miss Tram Academy will "reveal" this secret right after.

Instructions on How To Use Eyebrow Coloring Accurate

As we all know, the level of ink phase influences the results of embroidery inkjet like:

  • If the brown phase is too much, the eyebrows will turn red less aesthetic.
  • If the ink phase is too thin, it will be difficult for the eyebrows to color.
  • If the black ink phase is too much, the color will turn green, which is very difficult to handle.
  • If the ink color is uneven, the eyebrows will be dark and different, uneven.

Instructions on How To Spray Eyebrow Coloring Accurately 2

Therefore, in order to become a professional embroidery sprayer, proficiency in color mixing is extremely necessary factor.

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Some experience tinting ink standards

In addition to personal preferences, the color of your eyes needs to match the skin of the customer, so that will help customers become beautiful and elegant. Before spraying, KTV need to consult carefully for customers, helping customers choose the most suitable eyebrow style and color.

The first is the case of white customers prefer brown, then you can mix the natural brown color by using 4 drops of HS-1 (dark brown) with 2 Sienna Suede (brown brown) to spray. If the customer is white, but does not like brown much, you can mix brown and gray ink by using 2 Sienna Suede with 2 Dark Brown (brown gray) to spray for guests.

how to make eyebrow color spray

In case the customer dyed blonde or liked golden brown color, you can choose chocolate brown by using 1 Caramel chocolate to spray. European customers should use brownish gray will be very suitable, simple gray-brown mix with 1 Gray and 1 Dark Brown

If the skin is dark, dark skin, you can use dark brown with 4 drops of HS-1 to spray. For ordinary customers, you can advise customers to choose the medium black brown Medium Brown HS-1 with suitable eyebrow shape.

+ Instructions on How To Use Eyebrow Coloring Accurate

How to learn the right color scheme?

To get the best color, you should study at prestigious training centers such as Miss Tram Academy. Here, in addition to the full and detailed curriculum, you will also be able to share valuable experiences by leading tattoo experts in the field of cosmetology, and pass on the passion of fire to help you try and be more confident. with profession.

how to make eyebrow color spray

When studying at Miss Tram, you will be trained eyebrow spraying from A to Z, from the eyebrow structure, the use of each type of machine, how to make ink to the most modern tattoo spray techniques, helping you completely self. Believe in career.

Also, when attending Miss Tram Academy:

  • Students are provided with a full range of languages, and are taught with excellent teachers.
  • Provided with all equipment as well as practice models, have the opportunity to interact with the most advanced tattoo spraying machines and technologies available today.
  • Facilities extremely spacious, maximum support for learning.
  • Having the opportunity to work in the aesthetic center system Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, supported with vocational certificate exam issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Vocational Training is valid throughout the country.

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When studying at Miss Tram, students will also be supported with basic soft skills such as customer counseling skills, ways to help customers reduce stress during the tattooing process, as well as the music to use to help vote. Comfortable atmosphere.

We provide students with all the necessary skills, help you firmly build your future, become a professional eyebrow sprayer, bring beauty to the community. If you want to pursue a career in cosmetic tattooing, don't hesitate, contact Miss Tram Academy immediately to hear useful tips from the leading cosmetic experts in Vietnam.

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