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Making Toxic Mask For Skin And Cautions When Applying

How To Make A Detox Mask For Your Skin And Notes When Applied

In beauty care for skin, toxic waste is one of the important stages. This is also the basic knowledge that any Spa-beauty specialist must hold. Down here Miss Tram Academy will introduce you some types of natural poisoning masks that are quite simple to prepare, as well as note the most effective use.

1. The importance of skin detox and some of the most effective masks

Want healthy skin, it must first clean, to remove dirt as well as cosmetic deposits. This is one of the important, even essential stages, to apply the layer effectively. In fact, each person's skin (especially facial skin) is affected daily by the natural environment and the care routine.

In nature there are dirt, bacteria, ultraviolet rays, from the habit of using cosmetics (sunscreen, makeup, ...) These things will gradually leave more toxins on the skin. This toxin accumulates deep under the skin, preventing the skin from absorbing the regenerative nutrients on the one hand, on the other hand, clog pores, destroy the skin cell structure leading to a series of problems such as aging, pigmentation. skin, pimples, ...

An effective detoxifying mask for the skin from nature

Skin is a very important health and aesthetic part

Because of the above-mentioned effects, detoxifying the skin is extremely necessary. Emission is actually a deep cleansing step, removing all the toxins below the surface of the skin that regular cleansers or makeup remover do not.

Currently we perform many ways such as steam, special masks, using modern equipment, .. Of these, preparing respirators from natural ingredients are popularly applied by Spa. Out.

Masks from natural ingredients may not be as effective as specialized machines but it is safe and suitable for many skin conditions, and the essence from the mask will absorb and nourish. Better skin cells.

2. How to prepare a detox mask for the skin

When preparing a skin mask, prioritize natural ingredients such as sea salt, pomegranate, olive oil, honey, seaweed and processed ingredients such as activated carbon, kaolin clay. , ... Here is the simplest and fastest way to prepare these types of toxic masks.

  • Formula 1: Face mask of toxic skin from seaweed

First of all, you must choose a source of quality seaweed, not through mixing impurities or other preservatives. Seaweed is used as a toxic mask, so choose a powder to easily mix with other ingredients.

This recipe includes:

  • 1 / 2 spoon of seaweed powder (we don't use it much because many types of skin are easily irritated)
  • 1 spoon of rice bran
  • 1 drops of lavender essential oil
  • The water is warm enough

Prepare these ingredients, mix them into a paste and apply to your face. After letting the guests relax for about 30 minutes, proceed to wash with warm water and then apply the next steps of care.

  • Formula 2: Face mask removes skin from sea salt

Sea salt is characterized by a large rough, so to avoid damage to the skin, you need to puree finely before applying.

The detoxification formula with sea salt is not too complicated, it will include:

  • 1 spoon of sea salt
  • 1 spoon of olive oil
  • 1 spoon of pure honey
  • 1 spoon of fresh milk unevenly

Mixing these ingredients evenly can be used immediately. After rubbing on the client's skin, gently massage for a few minutes to gradually absorb the nutrients. About XNXX minutes we will use warm water to rinse the skin.

  • Formulas of 3: Face-to-face mask with activated carbon

With the ability to absorb deeply and clean all kinds of dirt, toxins, activated carbon is very suitable to prepare a detox mask for the skin.

This mask formula will work with the following ingredients:

  • 2 activated carbon spoons (medical grade)
  • 2 aloe vera gel

Mix well and apply this mixture to the skin for about XNXX minutes. Toxic waste mask with activated carbon will help skin smooth, whiter and brighter immediately the first time applied.

3. Caution when applying and applying a detox mask to the skin

The toxic side of the skin is an essential factor for the skin, however it is only effective when we are properly prepared, suitable for each skin type and it is important to follow the proper waste disposal process.

Miss Tram Academy advises you some things as follows:

  • Before applying the toxic exhaust mask, you must check the client's skin condition to see which skin type it is to have the most reasonable choice. By depending on the location of each skin type, there will be irritation arising, if severe will cause negative effects on the skin.
  • Before applying the toxic waste mask, you need to give the client an exfoliation to remove the aging skin, which helps the toxin absorb more effectively.
  • Absolutely to choose quality materials, clear origin because this affects customer health and our reputation.
  • Apply follow-up, full and careful care steps to help your skin stay healthy.
  • Tell customers how to properly care for their skin after applying the toxic waste treatment.

Hope some share on here Miss Tram Academy Has provided more useful knowledge about skin care, facial detoxification for you.


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