What does a Mi license need 1

What does a Mi license need

With the growing beauty market, the demand for high quality human resources in the beauty care industry has also increased significantly. Therefore, the beauty industry is becoming one of the top choices of young people today. And in that, eyelash extensions is one of the jobs that many young people are interested in - because this is a field that is not difficult, easy to succeed with little investment.

However, to become a professional eyelash extensions specialist, you need to have a practicing certificate - this is a minimum condition when you want to work in the beauty industry. So what does a eyelash extensions license need? How to get a eyelash extensions practice certificate? Along learn more through the following article of Miss Tram Academy Please!

What does a Mi Extension Certificate need?

1. What is a eyelash extensions practice certificate?

eyelash extensions practice certificate

Eyelash extensions practice certificate is a degree that proves that the possessor has been trained, ensuring enough knowledge and skills necessary to practice eyelash extensions.

A eyelash extensions practice certificate is considered valid when the owner has completed the training period and completed the examination of the training unit licensed by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

This certificate is valid for a lifetime and can be used nationwide. When you have a certificate of eyelash extensions practice, you have the opportunity to work in reputable esthetic facilities and centers. Or you can sign up to open your own business.

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2. How to get a eyelash extensions practice certificate?

In order to get a eyelash extensions practice, you need to register for a training course at standard eyelash extensions training units. Because only units that have been licensed by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs in the field of training are allowed to teach and issue valid Eyelash Extension Practices.

What Do You Need? 2

Therefore, before choosing a vocational training center, you need to thoroughly research the information, as well as refer to many different sources of information to make the best choice. Avoid choosing to be a scam center, shoddy.

At prestigious training centers, not only are you licensed, but you are also trained in the most complete and methodical skills and knowledge of eyelash extensions. Therefore, after the course, you are fully confident to be able to work and further develop with this profession.

3. The benefits of attending Miss eyelash extension courses

Like many other professions, owning a license is a necessary condition if you want to step into eyelash extensions, but in order to progress and succeed with this profession, your attitude and personal capacity are Determinants. Therefore, to equip the necessary knowledge and skills, you need to study at prestigious vocational training centers.

What Do You Need? 3

So, a reputable vocational training center should ensure what factors?

  • Is a prestigious training center, famous in the market today.
  • Taught by highly qualified, professional instructors.
  • There are clear and realistic curriculum and roadmap.
  • Be guided to practice on real people.
  • Ensure skill proficiency after completing the course.
  • Graduated diploma, practicing certificate under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids & Social Affairs.

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Before deciding on which center to study, you need to carefully study the information of the center, the courses on the media, such as website, facebook, forums or the experience of previous people. . Because besides the quality training centers recognized by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, there are still many fraudulent and poor quality centers.

4. Why choose Miss Tram Academy?

As a prestigious cosmetic training center with nearly 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Miss Tram Academy has trained and inspired many different classes of students. Coming to eyelash extensions courses, in addition to being trained in a professional environment, quality assurance and always accompanied by practice, students also receive incentives:

What does a 4-year license need?

  • Curriculum and study route, always updated with the latest eyelash extensions techniques.
  • Trained in the form of "handheld only" from basic to advanced professional.
  • Guided - hands-on practice (free sample sponsorship).
  • Awarded full set of professional eyelash extensions from eyelashes, glue, wax, tweezers, ... used to learn and practice in the future.
  • Flexible study time, can be arranged according to the time and learning capacity of each student.
  • Train soft skills and customer crisis handling process when encountering professional problems.
  • In particular, in addition to the graduation exam to get a vocational certificate, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids & Social Affairs, Miss Tram Academy also supports the granting of an internationally valuable practice certificate to students who have aspirations to work abroad.

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With outstanding advantages in quality and reputation in teaching, Miss Tram confidently will always inspire passion and support you throughout the course and after the best course.

Eyelash extensions are not difficult to study, have many opportunities to experience, easy to succeed with little investment in a short and flexible time. However, you need to choose quality courses, prestigious centers to be prepared to prepare your career in the most stable way. Hopefully the article has helped you answer the questions about practicing eyelash extensions. Miss Tram Academy Wish you success on your chosen path!

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