How to detoxify skin by bitterness 1

How To Get Rid Of Skin Detoxification

Respirator's Mask From Bitter Melon

The bitter melon is bitter, but it is a flavor that captivates many people.In addition, it is also famous for its ability to purify and cool the body, support the treatment of many diseases and especially beautify the skin.

In skin care, bitter melon helps remove toxins on the skin, improve pigmentation, stimulate new skin cells to become smooth, younger. If you still do not know how to use this fruit for beauty, it will be outdated. Let's Miss Tram Academy Learn about these "divine" formulas right away!

1. A bitter melon and beautiful skin effect

In the field of Spa, we must be proficient in skin care techniques and of course do not overlook the knowledge of masks. Knowing the formula of mask preparation (treatment of skin problems, whitening care, detoxification, ...) will help you apply it appropriately for each situation, helping customers solve the "feelings." ”, Giving customers the smooth, beautiful skin they desire.

bitter melon has nothing in beauty

There are different types of masks, some are pre-packaged and some have to be prepared. Currently, the trend of customers loves the mask made from natural ingredients (fruits, vegetables, honey, ...) because it is safe, less irritating and brings good care effect. . Among these, the detox mask from bitter melon is quite "hot", received good reviews from many care topics, beauty secrets.

Bitter melon, also known as bitter melon, is a special fruit from the shape to a typical bitter taste. Bitter melon contains a lot of glycosides, which work to lower blood sugar, is an ingredient to support effective treatment of diabetes. This fruit also contains many proteins, helps boost the immune system, protect cells against cancer. Not only that, the flesh of the bitter melon has many vitamins (especially vitamin C), minerals that are useful for health.

Previously, bitter melon was only used as a food, meaning that people processed it into a dish, now bitter melon has gradually appeared in skin care formulas directly on the skin. Contains many good nutrients, bitter melon will be formulated into a mask to brighten the skin, reduce inflammation, acne, anti-aging and many other problems. Especially, when combined with the right ingredients, the effectiveness of this mask will increase much more.

Currently, bitter melon is appreciated in the face of detoxification, eliminating toxins due to environmental impacts, due to the use of cosmetics left on the skin. Due to its high antioxidant content, large amounts of vitamin C, bitter melon also helps regenerate the skin, stimulates metabolism and development of cells, nourishes new cells. If used properly and in the right dosage, our skin will improve markedly.

2. How to make a mask of detoxification from bitter melon?

The mask of detoxification from bitter melon is made quite simple, plus the combined ingredients are natural and easy to find. However, note that you must thoroughly wash bitter melon to remove residues of plant protection products on fruits, because this is the fruit that uses the most fertilizer when growing crops. For better, choose organic bitter melon, which meets the safety criteria.

When using the bitter melon through the preparation of the mask, we will remove the grain and use only the flesh of the skin because the nutrients are most concentrated here.

Here are some formulas Miss Tram Academy synthesized:

  • Formula 1: Bitter melon

Bitter melon after thorough washing, you will cut thin slices and put into a blender puree. Wash your face clean, remove all makeup (if any) and apply this mixture on the skin. Allow the person to lie still and relax for 20 minutes and then wash his face again. After applying the mask, remember to apply moisturizer so that the skin does not get dehydrated!

Formula of detoxifying mask from bitter melon

  • Recipe 2: Bitter melon, tomato and lemon

Both tomato and lemon ingredients have the ability to clean deeply, remove dirt on the skin, kill bacteria, anti-inflammatory effectively. Combined with bitter melon, we will have a mixture of multi-effect masks, active care for the skin.How to get rid of toxic skin waste 2

The materials to prepare:

  • 1/2 bitter melon
  • 1/2 tomato
  • 1/4 fresh lemon squeezed juice

Doing: Mix bitter melon and tomatoes into a fine puree, then mix with lemon juice and apply on the skin. This mask should only remain on the skin for about 20 minutes, then use cool water to wash off.

Hope these are effective formulas for you. Please save and apply as needed!

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