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Discussion: Advanced Basic Lipid Handling Instructions



This is an important topic of study at Miss Tram Academy's students. Miss Tram reminds you today of the lesson for you to remember and practice.

The way to deal with the environment begins:

Use pink (bb) specialized for intensive treatment, if the lips are less intensive, spray around 2 layer, if you have dark lips, only spray treatment in the border. Then spray the lips evenly as usual.

If the lips are heavy, spray 3-4 class, then spray until color up with Orange Red.

Guest appointments after 2 months return to color.

Things to note:

Fitting the nozzle in the lips must be longer than the lips

Spray the short needle at the first turn

Spray the lips in a spiral, creating smooth and berry lips

Deeper background spray

Spray the lower lip color more than the lips on 2-3 turns

Thick lips: should spray the edges in the lips, making the lips thinner and smaller

Thin lips: should be sprayed out of the lips, making the lips thicker

Do not spray the skin over the skin to prevent it from getting smudged

More information: The faster the lips peel and the scales are thin, the more fresh and shiny the lips are, because the lips are less damaged, so the color is fresh and not dry.

So Miss Tram does remember the lesson how to make the lips flap and burn the scales thin? Speaking of which ???

I wish the whole school well

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