Quality Selection Criteria for Tattoo Ink 1

Quality Selection Criteria for Tattoo Ink

Criteria And How To Identify Quality Tattoo Ink.

With the growing development of the aesthetic tattoo spray industry, it is followed by a variety of products for tattoo spray services such as tattoo sprayers, tattoo ink, accessories, ... on the market.

So the choice of inkjet tattoo ink has both quality and beautiful standard color is also increasingly difficult - especially for spa owners, novices. Therefore, this article, Miss Tram Academy Please share with you the criteria for choosing quality tattoo ink.

1. The importance of ink quality in cosmetic tattoo spray

In cosmetic tattooing, inkjet tattooing is rated as the biggest determinant of the results of the tattooing work as well as the safety to the health of customers. Specifically:

how to identify quality tattoo ink

Tattoo ink jet determines color results: After tattooing, whether the eyebrow, eyelid, lips have a standard color will depend on the skills of the tattooist. But "sufficient condition" is still the quality of inkjet ink.

You can see many cases of customers after spraying does not color, wrong color tone, or uneven color, ... This not only causes loss of points for customers, but also it is difficult for customers to continue to return to use. If you have no effective remedy.

Tattoo ink inks affect safety: If you accidentally choose a source of poor quality tattoo ink, the risk of affecting customers is very high. These negative effects can include: risk of lead poisoning, heavy metal poisoning, causing many other dangerous complications.

Tattoo inkjet ink affects color adhesion: The color retention here is not how long the skin is stored, but how long the "standard color" remains. If standard tattoo ink is used, the ink color will create a beautiful smooth coating, although long-lasting eyebrows / lips / eyelids do not have color oxidation problems.

2. Quality selection criteria tattoo ink

evaluation criteria and how to identify quality tattoo ink

  • Origin: On the market today there are many diverse inkjet tattoo products. However, you need to select the tattoo ink originating to ensure tattoo results and customer safety. The major brands from the leading countries in the field of cosmetic tattoo spray such as Germany, USA, and Korea are always carefully censored before launching, the selection of brands from these countries will partly. Which makes you feel more secure.
  • Ink comparability: The uniformity of inkjet tattoo ink is directly proportional to the quality, low-quality tattoo ink is often thinner, uneven and lacks solidity. You can identify with the naked eye or specialized tools such as test strips, optical glasses to choose a good tattoo ink.
  • The variety of colors: Big brands often have research on customer needs so tattoo ink products from these brands are also very diverse in color and type. Owning a variety of colors also helps you best meet the needs and aspirations of customers.
  • Composition of ink: Currently, there are two main types of inks on the market: inorganic and organic inks. Although organic tattoo ink has a shorter lifespan than inorganic tattoo ink, it produces much more shiny and softer colors.

With the development of life needs, most customers nowadays require organic tattoo ink. Therefore, although the cost is usually higher than inorganic ink, the use of organic tattoo ink both brings the desired tattoo results for customers and shows the professionalism of your tattooing facility.

3. Some tips for identifying quality tattoo ink or not

how to identify quality tattoo ink

  • Get to know the price

Usually, low quality tattoo ink is usually relatively cheap because they are easy to produce and process. Meanwhile, quality tattoo ink has more expensive materials, must go through many stages of production and testing before being released to the market so it has a higher price. Therefore, when choosing tattoo ink, do not be too "cheap ham" but choose the poor quality products, affecting the health of customers as well as your reputation.

  • Identify by component test

To identify whether or not tattoo ink contains metal, you can use a magnet to test it.

*** The test is quite simple: Take some ink out on a piece of glossy paper (maybe oil absorbent paper) thin and try with magnets.

If the ink is attracted to the magnet it is likely to contain metal in it. This ink also has derivatives and azo colorants (which are not allowed to be used) that will cause great harm to the body.

The poor quality ink after spraying will be patchy, cocooned skin, creating unexpected color effects.

In addition to the skill factor, the dedicated technician, always giving the appropriate advice, using quality tattoo ink and attentive customer care regimen are the key factors to the success of the beauty brand in tattoo spray industry. Therefore, choosing the right quality tattoo ink is very important.

Hope those criteria Miss Tram Academy sharing will give you a foundation in identifying and selecting tattoo ink. Wishing you every step and success with your career!

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