Notes on Using Organic Tattoo Ink 1

Notes When Using Organic Tattoo Ink

Notes When Using Organic Tattoo Ink

Tattoo ink is always one of the important factors determining the quality of tattoo spray. In particular, the organic ink line is considered as the first choice of professional technicians. Because this is an organic ink, extracted entirely from nature, helping to bring a smooth tattoo results and beautiful standard color.

However, not only owning organic tattoo ink is enough, you need to understand how to use and properly store it to maximize its use. Therefore, this article Miss Tram Academy Please share the note when using this tattoo ink.

What is Organic tattoo ink?

Note when using organic tattoo ink

Organic tattoo inks are organic inks, manufactured from foods that meet organic agricultural standards and comply with the safety regulations for users from leading inspection organizations in the world. .

If in the past years, tattoo customers always wanted to use durable and affordable inks, now products with natural origin and safety for health are always priority products. head.

The outstanding advantages of organic ink:

  • The ink is extracted from 100% natural herbs.
  • Does not contain heavy metals in the composition, ensuring absolute safety for customers.
  • Standard color, harmonize with the skin color so it is easy to advise customers.
  • Does not cause skin allergies, minimize the phenomenon of cosmetic allergy after spraying.
  • After the end of life (1-3 years depending on the method of tattooing, local and external factors), the ink completely disappears, leaving no spots on the skin. Customers can easily spray tattoo back to their favorite color.

Note when using Organic tattoo ink

Organic ink has many advantages, however, if you do not know how to use and store it, it will not bring the most desired results.

Notes on Using Organic Tattoo Ink 2

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following notes when using this ink:

  • Never mix colors of different manufacturers:

Each manufacturer will have different ingredient formulas, if mixed will not blend the color ink. Especially, mixing organic ink and inorganic ink also affects the health of customers. Organic ink has a fast drying speed, so when mixing, it is important to add every drop to achieve the highest economic and aesthetic effect. Ideally, you should choose a variety of color inks to limit color mixing.

  • When mixing or mixing:

If you mix organic ink, use the lightest color first and then apply the darker color to perfect color. In particular, should take in the form of dripping to save ink. Organic ink has properties that harmonize with the natural color of the skin, so the age of the skin also affects the color of ink. At different ages, the skin also has different characteristics, so the color of the ink is also different, you should pay attention to advise customers.

  • Need to use with modern tattoo spray technology:

Notes on Using Organic Tattoo Ink 3

The use of Organic ink line with modern tattoo equipment will bring the best tattoo results. Because obsolete models have a mechanism to damage the skin much and put ink on the surface of the skin, the Organic tattoo ink will not be good color. In addition, because the organics line is not suitable for the skin-damaging mechanism, the needle technique of the technician must be skilled to get the best results.

  • Carefully preserved organic ink:

Organic ink needs to be stored and preserved in a cabinet, away from the sun to ensure the best color quality. In particular, the ink should be shaken well before use and never refill the ink in the jar - to avoid damaging the ink and affecting customer safety.

Above are the share of Miss Tram Academy About the note when using organic tattoo ink. In order to get the best color spray results, in addition to investing in organic tattoo ink, you need to know how to use and preserve it appropriately. In addition, always guide customers to care and protect the tattoo area at home very carefully, because the skin care process after spraying also greatly affects the quality of tattoo spray.

Hope the above sharing will be useful to you. Wish you always success with this tattoo spray job!

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