Sculpting Eyebrows What Need Attention 1

Sculpting Eyebrows What Need To Pay attention

Eyebrow sculpture is currently the most advanced and popular eyebrow cosmetic method today. However, this is also a difficult beauty technique, professionals need to be skilled in order to follow the technique and create natural aesthetic designs. In addition, to achieve the most successful sculpting results, you need to be meticulous little by little in all the stages. 

So attention to sculpture eyebrows what? Do not skip the following article of Miss Tram Academy please.

04 Things To Note When Sculpting Eyebrows Should Not Be Ignored

1. Select sculpture ink

Sculpting Eyebrows What Need to Pay attention 2

Want results Sculpture eyebrows successfully, in addition to technology and workmanship, the ink is also extremely important. Because the sculpting is to create conditions for ink to penetrate into the skin layer and save it for a certain period of time, making the available shaped lines in color, become more clear.

If the sculpture ink quality, mixed with many impurities, not only the lines of the sculpture do not up the smooth color standard but also greatly affect the health of customers.

Besides, if the sculpting ink is not mixed with the standard ratio, then the color will not be harmonized with the overall face. No matter how beautiful you look, your eyebrows are not considered to be absolute success.

When choosing sculpture ink you need to note?

Note when sculpting the eyebrows

Inkjet tattoo ink has two types: inorganic ink and organic ink. In particular, organic ink is extracted from natural, capable of creating beautiful smooth coating. And especially after sculpting eyebrows will never have color oxidation problems. 

Currently, the trend of customers will choose organic ink because of its safety and smoother standard coloring. So, in addition to choosing quality organic ink, you need to keep in mind the second time customers spend because this ink has poor color adhesion on the first sculpture.

+ Note: Treatment Of Eyebrows Sculpture Does Not Color

2. Always advise customers

  • Visit and consult you

Note when sculpting the eyebrows

The sculpting process is considered to be successful if the following factors are ensured: The body shape matches the face, the ink color is up to the standard and the color lasts long. Therefore, the examination and counseling of eyebrow shape is a very important step. Please observe, carefully assess the current status of the guests, then make an overview and advise on the best eyebrow shape for the customer face. 

You also need to recommend the appropriate ink colors and harmony with the skin color, the hair color of the guest, helping customers make the perfect choice.

  • Prepare customer psychology

Sculpting Eyebrows What Need Attention 3

The preparation of customer psychology is also important. Because the sculpting process usually takes about 45 minutes - 2 hours (depending on the condition of the eyebrows), you need to advise the guests about the process and the symptoms that may be encountered during the sculpting process. This is very essential, helping customers prepare the best psychology during sculpture.

+ Note: Process of Sculpting Eyebrows Standard

3. Follow the standard eyebrow sculpture process

Sculpting Eyebrows What Need To Pay Attention 4

Each cosmetic establishment will have different eyebrow sculpting procedures, but always need to ensure the main process steps as follows:

Step 1: Draw eyebrows and edit for satisfied customers. Conducting anesthesia for guests in about 15-20 minutes. Note that you need to use quality anesthetics, of clear origin, that meets the standards of the Health Agency.

Step 2: Prepare a full range of specialized sculpting tools and make sure they are thoroughly sterilized. In particular, to ensure the lighting conditions in the best sculpture room for accurate manipulation.

Step 3: Tinting ink. When mixing ink you must look closely to determine the color ratio exactly as the customer chooses.

Step 4: Invite customers to check new equipment, engraving blades. This will help customers more secure.

Step 5: Conducting sculpture. 

Compliance with the standard sculpture process not only helps you complete the sculpture smoothly, but also shows professionalism and gives customers confidence.

Sculpting Eyebrows What Need Attention 5

4. Tell customers to take care of you after sculpting

After finishing the sculpting process, you need to wipe away the excess ink and invite customers to check the results. A sculpted eyebrow is considered successful if it ensures a harmonious density, sculpted eyebrows naturally blended with real eyebrows and naturally balanced eyebrows.

Sculpting What You Need to Pay Attention 6

If the customer has finished testing and is satisfied with the result, you need to apply vaseline to color lock. Then, tell customers to note the following points when caring for you at home: 

  • Do not expose your eyebrows to water for the first 3 days.
  • Do not arbitrarily peel off the eyebrows, but let the layer peel off naturally.
  • Apply vaseline continuously to keep the color, helping you not to get broken.
  • Add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and limit foods that can easily irritate the wound such as seafood, water spinach, glutinous rice, etc. to help the eyebrows recover quickly and color up beautifully

+ Note: Method Of Sculpting Eyebrows At Miss Tram

In addition, you also make an appointment for customers to return to the second ink to ensure beautiful ink and color durability for the longest.

Above are the share of Miss Tram Academy About the note when sculpting the eyebrow. For the most perfect sculpting results, besides being skilled, you need to ensure ink quality, sterilization steps, ink mixing ratio as well as light conditions. Especially need to advise customers to take good care of the eyebrows after sculpting properly to ensure the most beautiful color. Hope this article will be helpful to you. Wish you always success with the job!

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