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The secret to injecting squid into the skin so that the eyebrows will not lose fibers

The secret to properly inject the toner into the skin so that the sculpting eyebrow does not lose fiber

Sculpting you are the new aesthetic technology applied in recent years. Therefore, some tattoo centers and facilities have not fully updated the knowledge, techniques and implementation experience. This inadvertently makes it difficult for new students, because if an error happens, it will not know how to handle it.

According to Miss Tram Academy survey, one of the errors you encounter is that you are sculpting after losing yarn. So what do we need to pay attention to during the implementation process to avoid this situation?

Sculpting and yarn loss error after flaking

After sculpting, about 30 x 30 - day, the outer layer of squid will start peeling off, at this time you will see the shape and the most natural color. Successful sculpting must be a pair of eyebrows with harmonious lines, light and dark in the right place, thick, thick eyebrows intertwined with real eyebrows. The sculpture possesses advantages over the methods of spraying tattooing is that you make it look very natural, even if you have finished ink, you still don't look hard or too sharp.

Since this method uses a dedicated blade pen and the sculpting process is entirely based on the artist making it, it requires high concentration, meticulousness. Just making a mistake in the engraving process will cause your eyebrows to hurt, the ink will fall unevenly, not stick to the ink. These errors can lead to loss of fibers after peeling.

If the eyebrows lose fibers, the aesthetics will no longer, this seriously affects the overall face of the customer, so you have to pay close attention, firmly grasp the sculpture.

What to do to avoid sculpting errors of losing yarn after flaking?

First of all, you must be equipped with all the necessary tools for the process of performing the specialized blade plugged into the engraving pen. Note that we must have enough pen to engrave straight eyebrows and pen for curving yarn.

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The most standard sculpting steps can be described as follows:

First, use a circular carving knife to create soft fibers at the ends of the eyebrows, then engrave the top and bottom of the eyebrows. Hand operation should move flexibly, gently down towards real eyebrows. Having done these points, you turn to carving the yarn for your belly.

Next, we will use the blade to slash it again from head to tail. This action will help the ink absorb more evenly into each eyebrow, minimizing the situation of losing fiber after flaking.

In addition to these standard steps, it is important that you keep your hand steady during the process, to avoid uneven ink making your eyelashes darker. Each tip of the knife must be definitive, the proper depth is 0,5 mm, while combining well between 2 thumb and forefinger to gently stretch out the skin area, helping the line to soak the ink evenly.

After you finish carving, you must check each line carefully to see if you have eaten the ink. If you see a pale color, you should quickly use the skewer knife to etch the opposite direction, then use the color swab to spread horizontally of the brow. We continue to do it this way, until the eyebrows are guaranteed to be evenly colored from head to tail. If the customer base belongs to the group that is difficult to eat color, you can make small size nursing, carefully incubate about XNXX minutes and then engrave it again so that you can focus.

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