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The secret to help your eyebrows keep more durable than 3 years

When spraying eyebrow tattoo, any customer wants his eyebrows to last for a long time. This is the general psychology of customers, but the reality shows that many people who initially made eyebrows could be beautiful, but then quickly went down the color and suffered a loss of aesthetic red green.

So how can you help your customers to keep you durable more than 3 years? Some of the following notes of Miss Tram Academy Will give you more useful experience.

+ How to handle red eyebrows

Share how to keep color eyebrows durable
Share how to keep color eyebrows durable

Factors affecting eyebrow color fastness

Studying eyebrow tattooing, in addition to needle surgery, how to adjust the shape of your eyebrows, we also need to pay attention to the tips to help our customers own durable eyebrows over time.

Spraying eyebrow tattoo has many factors that affect the final result, as well as deciding on your beauty after a long time. Of these, the most important are the following:

1. Quality ink used

Factors affecting the color fastness of eyebrows
Factors affecting the color fastness of eyebrows

Currently in the cosmetic market, there are 2 which are commonly used inorganic ink and organic ink. Each type has certain advantages and limitations, namely:

Inorganic ink Including 2 group is ink made from minerals and ink made from iron oxide. This type of ink is easy to color, durable color sticking on every customer base. However, many inorganic inks are mixed with metal, even mercury to increase sharpness.

And as you know, these are all dangerous ingredients for your health. In some cases, eyebrows made from metal ink can penetrate the skin into the internal organs, destroying the immune system and causing dangerous diseases. Not to mention, scientists have also demonstrated that the azo colorant in inorganic ink can be lasered (used to remove tattoo spray) to stimulate changes to carcinogens.

Although inorganic ink is cheap, easy to use, but for the safety of customers and its reputation, stay away from this ink.

Organic inks, though inferior to color, are the best choice. Organic ink is completely extracted from nature, when sprayed it will create smooth, sharp and not oxidized green red. When using this ink, you should remind customers later about 2-3 five miles more to help make the ink more fresh.

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2. Technical implementation

Pay attention to the technique of performing eyebrow spray
Pay attention to the technique of performing eyebrow spray

During the implementation process, the KTV must be very meticulous, paying close attention to the following techniques:

  • It is necessary to carry out incubation according to the process so that customers feel comfortable and limiting to help KTV make it easier.
  • When done, you have to hold the device firmly, identify the right area of ​​the tattoo, not to deviate, not to be stuck out.
  • Make sure the depth of the needle is steady, glide your hands and soup so that the color is very uniform
  • When going to the needle, start creating the front eyebrow by going from the middle of the eyebrow to the tail, then from the top of the eyebrow to the middle of the connection. Then we proceed to spray on the inside of the eyebrows, spraying from the tail between the eyebrows, the closer the head of the eyebrows will fade.

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3. Take care of you later

Need to take care of you after work
Need to take care of you after work

When you're done, we need to keep in mind our customers to follow these steps:

  • Apply Vaseline continuously for the first 30 days to help smooth the ink color
  • Avoid giving you contact with water in the early days
  • Do not use your hand to peel off the outer layer of ink, let it peel off naturally
  • Abstain from all kinds of stimulants (beer, alcohol, coffee) in the first time. Add foods that are high in Vitamin such as fruits and vegetables to make your color more standard and durable.

As long as you carry out the above considerations, your eyebrows will have beautiful colors and outstanding durability over the years.

Hope you are succesful.

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