Recipes Recipe Inkjet Ink For Smooth, Sharp Eyebrows 1

Recipes Mixing Ink For Smooth, Sharp Eyebrows

How to make soft eyebrow ink sharper

How to make eyebrow ink look like? One of the deciding factors for inkjet eyebrow results is the color and quality of ink used. If you meet this factor, you will have soft lines, diagnostic colors and achieve the most natural appearance. So, in the inkjet process, do we have any secrets? Let Miss Tram Academy share with you!

How to prepare soft eyebrow ink, the most standard
How to prepare soft eyebrow ink, the most standard

The role of inkjet when making eyebrow

In embroidery or eyebrow sculpture, support equipment is very important, but the role of ink jet is not overlooked. Because the eyebrows are beautiful or not, the colors are trendy and in harmony with the overall face or not largely depending on the color of the ink. Selecting standard inkjet ink, quality we will meet the requirements of aesthetics and safety for health.

Learn the ink phase eyebrow spray
Learn how to make eyebrow ink

Currently in the cosmetic industry you have two commonly used inks, inorganic and organic inks. Each type will have its own characteristics as follows:

Inorganic ink

Inorganic ink is usually made of minerals or iron oxide. This ink has the advantage of being easy to stick to the skin, high color fastness. However, it is often blurry and always leaves streaks of color (blue gray or red purple) that cannot be lost. Inorganic ink is not prohibited, but if you choose to have metal or mercury phase, it becomes extremely toxic. These toxins can even penetrate the skin into the body, causing negative effects on the liver, lungs, immune system or fetus.

Inorganic ink mixed with azo colorants (a banned substance to use) will cause unpredictable consequences on the body of the eyebrow. If affected by laser erase laser repair, this component can transform into carcinogen. Therefore, the advice of Miss Tram Academy is to carefully check the type of ink, avoid using inferior types for your guests.

Organic inks

Although organic ink is less adherent, the color is glossy and is completely harmless. Organic ink has a natural composition, does not contain chemical toxins, when flying color does not leave ugly traces on the skin. Although this ink is significantly higher, it can meet the safety requirements and beauty as expected.

Ink eyebrow spray
Ink eyebrow spray


The type of ink spray eyebrow
The type of ink spray eyebrow

When making ink jet, what should you pay attention to?

When mixing eyebrow ink colors, many KTV usually follow guests, which means that customers like what color they will spray that color. If we do it this way, we can face the big risk that you will not produce good and suitable for customers. Therefore, you need to analyze the overall customer, advise the customer to choose the ink color that best suits you, because running the trend is not sure to get the eyebrows as expected.

Currently applied eyebrow colors include: medium brown, dark brown, moss brown, black, skin color, yellow-brown, black-brown, western-brown, gray-brown, etc. The quality as mentioned above, you need to base on the color of the skin to make the right ratio. Specifically:

Some notes when mixing eyebrow ink
Some notes when mixing eyebrow ink
  • If you have a fair skin and like brown a lot, you should mix the ratio of 2-4 to dark brown and brownish brown
  • Whites who prefer less brown with pale tones should mix the ratio of 2 to 2 gray and sienna Suede
  • Dark-skinned people should be pure brown in color with the rate of 100%

Recipes Recipe Ink Ink For Smooth, Sharp Eyebrows 2

Some share on here of Miss Tram Academy has helped you gain more experience to match eyebrow ink colors, contributing to creating soft and beautiful eyebrows. Do you have any suggestions? how to make eyebrow ink Leave your comments below. Good luck!

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